Manduka Yoga Mats Are Still On Sale for Cyber Monday

Manduka yoga mats are still on sale for Cyber Monday. Save big on these excellent offers. Voted the best overall by many fitness experts in the field, the Manduka as you should know is also a yogi favorite. And at that, you can now save at least $20 on one.

Manduka Yoga Mats Cyber Monday

Manduka Yoga Mats Cyber Monday

Yes, Cyber Monday is officially over, but there are still some mouthwatering deals still lingering around. And this one here is one of those many deals. The Manduka ProLite yoga mat in case you don’t know is a favorite among yogi’s. And these mats in question are still very much on sale at retail giants Amazon following Cyber Monday. With this very deal and depending on the color that you want, you can get to save $22 to $37.

Manduka Yoga Mats Features

ProLite mat sale as you should know and for those that are concerned kicks off at Amazon at $71, which in question is reportedly down from the list price of $108. You should also know that there are a couple of colors that are still on sale on the website of Manduka.

Note here that the Manduka is not the cheapest mat in the market by any means, but it is however a go-to for those people who practice yoga and are in need of a quality support and stability from their mat on an everyday basis. This mat in question is 4.7mm thick, and lightweight, and it is designed and crafted with some sweat resistance in mind. The mat as you should know is also very durable, so it just may get to last you for years, thus justifying its higher price tag.

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