Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 in Australia (Fully Funded)

If you haven’t considered applying for the Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 in Australia (Fully Funded), then you are missing out. The scholarship program is inviting all eligible candidates to take part in this fully-funded scholarship program which will be held at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

All undergraduates who want to undertake a bachelor’s degree in the field of art should consider this an opportunity to learning more under an awarded scholarship program.

There are more you should read about this article so as to get the scholarship basics and how you can begin to apply today.

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 in Australia (Fully Funded)

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 in Australia (Fully Funded)

The University of Melbourne is an Australian public research university that is actually located in Melbourne, Victoria. It was founded in the year 1853. The university comes second oldest and the oldest in Victoria. The University of Melbourne is ranked as the 33rd in the whole world.

While in Academic Ranking of World Universities, Melbourne is placed as 44th in the world. However, both come first in Australia. You can learn more by visiting the University of Melbourne site.

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Brief Description

The Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that students who want to get a Bachelors’s degree in the field of Arts at Melbourne University can apply for. It offers scholarships and fellowship opportunities to all.

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 is fully funded by the University of Melbourne and it is open to Domestic students. It is located in Australia. Being a fully-funded scholarship means, it is free and open to domestic students.

The scholarship is offered to eligible students with the highest level of disadvantage taking into consideration. The application process is simple and fast to do. However, I will be giving the guidelines on how to apply, but let’s look at some other criteria you need to know about the scholar.

The deadline for the scholarship is 30 September 2020 and the host country is Australia.

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship Values

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship offers CSP Student Contribution Exemption or Full fee remission for the duration of the whole course. During the degree, you get access to an academic mentor. Also, an allowance f up to AUD 10, 000 per year for up to three years.

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 in Australia Eligibility

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship was established to support people or refugees from South Sudan, Sudan, or even Somalia. It is mostly for those who are enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts. To be eligible for this great opportunity, you need to;

  • You must be an Australia citizen or permanent resident or a temporary humanitarian visa holder. Which includes students who have applied for a temporary visa.
  • Must have completed Australian Year 12 International Baccalaureate Diploma in the country.
  • Must not have previously undertaken any tertiary studies, which excludes extension studies.
  • Have applied for the Bachelor of Arts with the University of Melbourne under access Melbourne for commencement in the year of 12 Year completion or IB.
  • You must all of the requirements for the program or scholarship rather.

Maja and Tony Carp Scholarship 2020 in Australia (Fully Funded) Application Guidelines

Wondering how to apply for the scholarship, well you need not worry about it, because I will be sharing guidelines to follow. Here’s are the guidelines to follow;

  • Applicants need evidence of their Sudanese or Somalia citizenship. Or make provision of evidence of citizenship of a parent from one of these countries. Also, birth certificates are needed.
  • Refugee evidence.
  • Letter of recommendation from a career adviser or principal.

For more information and inquiries about the scholar, you can visit the University website at

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