LG webOS TV Comes with Amazon Alexa – LG webOS TV Availability

LG webOS TV Comes with Amazon Alexa. It is not very easy to determine the particular kind of smart TV platform that is really heading to the market. Smart TV sales do not exactly correlate to the popularity or the quality of the software that they run on. Despite the fact that we have been close to Google Partner back when they were still making smartphones, LG has opted to pave its own path along with a proprietary spin of webOS that is made especially for TVs.

LG webOS TV Comes with Amazon Alexa

LG webOS TV Comes with Amazon Alexa

It also opens up the platform to more TV makers and is offering its competitors one of their exclusive features. Which happens to be the ability to speak to Amazon’s Alexa, even without an Alexa-powered speaker.

Earlier this year, LG has decided to expand from being just a regular smart TV manufacturer to a developer and distributor for a much better smart TV platform. Unlike Samsung’s Tizen-based OS for TVs, LG decided to Start licensing its webOS TV to other companies that are making smart TV. It was worried about its competition, given that a lot of companies work in different markets or on other tiers.


With that stated, webOS TV on LG TVs and webOS TV on third-party TVs aren’t equal. The latter still misses some features that might just remain exclusive to LGs own products. One of those finally would be breaking free, and owners of all those non-LG webOS TVs would soon be able to talk along with Alexa. As long as they possess at least one required piece of equipment aside from the TV.

webOS TV’s Alexa interaction takes place through LG’s Magic Remote, which probably would not come with the smart TV. The remote would allow the TV owners to simply speak their wish to open the apps, changes channels, or even control the compatible smart home appliances. Alexa would further respond via audio or visual feedback that is on smart TV.

LG webOS TV Availability

LG stated that Alexa integration would be available for this quarter through an over-the-air update for third-party webOS TVs. The rollout would start in North America, followed by Europe and Asia. Although it does not mean that those TVs will be on almost equal footing with LG’s own smart TVs. The hopes of the company would make it look more sincere in being a developer of smart TV.


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