Kentucky State University – What is the acceptance rate for Kentucky State University?

The Kentucky State University is known by two different acronyms. While some people know the university as KSU and others as KYSU others more know of it as KSU or KYSU. According to Wikipedia, the school is a public historically black land grant university. Kentucky State University was founded in the year 1886 in Frankfort.

Kentucky State University

Kentucky State University

In 2019, the total undergraduate enrollment of the university was over two thousand (2000). At the university, students are divided into five colleges. These colleges are;

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Professional Studies
  • The College of Agriculture, Food Sciences and Sustainable systems
  • College of Business and Computer Sciences

If the category to which you will be studying is listed above, you can get started with the application process.

Is Kentucky State University an all black school?

As stated earlier in this article, KSU was established in the year 1886 as a public historically black land grant university in Frankfort Kentucky. The first white student was enrolled in the year 1960. This was three years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr delivered the commencement speech at the 1957 graduation ceremonies.

What is the acceptance rate for Kentucky State University?

The Kentucky State University (KSU or KYSU) has its acceptance rate as at 2020 to be eighty-point six percent (80.6%). That was when Covid-19 struck the world and began a worldwide lockdown. In 2021, the acceptance rate should be within the range of seventy percent to eighty percent (70% – 80%). This means that of every hundred people who apply to the school, seventy to eighty students will be admitted.

What is the tuition for Kentucky State University?

With the high acceptance rate KYSU or KSU has, the next information you need is the tuition fees. Is the school going to be affordable for you? Long story cut short the local tuition fee for KYSU is Eight thousand and ninety United States Dollars ($8,090).

Domestic tuition on the other hand is eleven thousand nine hundred and forty United States dollars ($11,940). Take note however that this information may have changed the prices mentioned are reflected that of 2020 (last year). More research can be done on Google.

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