Jumia Black Friday – Jumia Wheel of Fortune

It’s Jumia black Friday again. If you have been participating in the previous Jumia black Fridays, you would know the thrill black Friday brings to Jumia shoppers. This is a chance where customers get to buy lots of discounted products.

Jumia Black Friday

Some of the products even offer up to 90% off on sales. Most of the discounted products are often sold out in a really short amount of time. This year, there are tons of amazing deals and exclusive brand offers to expect.

Jumia Black Friday

The Jumia Black Friday is set to hold on the 5th of November 2021. That’s two days from now. If you want to get the most of these black Friday deals, then now is the time to get prepared for the night. The most discounted Black Friday deals are mostly hosted at midnight west African time.

Jumia Wheel of Fortune

The Jumia wheel of fortune is currently lying as we speak. Like every other wheel when it comes to offering rewards, you have to be lucky to get the best prices. It holds at exactly 12am every day till November 12.

While this wheel is live, it can only be spinned from the Jumia mobile app. You would totally be unable to find the wheel on the website itself. You may be wondering what’s on the wheel. Well, you stand a chance at a 30k voucher, a 20k voucher, and a 10k voucher among other things.

How to Enter Jumia Wheel of Fortune

Follow the steps below to enter the Jumia wheel of fortune and claim your reward;

  • Open the Jumia application.
  • Click on the spin button that would only be available during the live hours.
  • Take a screenshot of what the wheel lands on.
  • Post the screenshot on Facebook with the hashtag #SpinandWin + the date you spun the wheel. An example is #SpinandWin3 for today.
  • Next, you have to get your friends and family to like the post. Note that the post with the highest likes would win. The minimum likes required to win is 2k likes.
  • The winner would be announced at exactly 11 am the following day.

To claim your price, you would have to make your way to the Jumia headquarters in Lagos. Also, note that previous winners are not eligible to win again.

Jumia Treasure Hunt

The Jumia treasure hunt is another great avenue to get a huge discount on your favorite products. The Jumia treasure hunt usually hosts a list of predefined products for sale at almost 99% off. The catch here is that you have to find the product before anyone else and make your purchase.

The products are usually ones in stock. This means only one person can buy the product. This is where most people have all the fun. The products would be spread through different categories and given different names. This is to ensure people can’t just search for the product.

Download the Jumia App to Participate in Black Friday

You would have to download the Jumia application on your device before you can participate in black Friday. Follow the steps below to download the Jumia application on your device.

  • Open the application store on your device and make a search for Jumia.
  • If you are using any two of the most popular app stores which are google play store or the Apple app store, you would be automatically directed to the application page.
  • On the google play store, click the “install” button to get started. For the apple app store, click the “Get” button.

Wait a few seconds for the app to be downloaded and it would automatically be installed on your device.


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