Is Now The Best Time to Get Your Mortgage Refinanced

Is Now The Best Time to Get Your Mortgage Refinanced. Buying a home on a mortgage loan isn’t scarce nowadays, it saves finances and funds for investments. Refinancing your mortgage is a  crucial decision as your mortgage is paid off with a new balance, i.e you replace a loan with another by your bank or lender.

Is Now The Best Time to Get Your Mortgage Refinanced

There are important reasons why you may need to refinance your mortgage as a homeowner or not, the question is, Is it the best time? Follow tactically as this article will be a potent guide as all will be detailedly explained.

What are The Types of Mortgage Refinance

Buying a home with a mortgage and deciding to refinance it are two different things. I will explain the 2 main types of refinancing from a broad perspective.

They are:

  1. We have the “rate and term finance” which decreases the interest rate, years of payment I.e 30yrs to 15yrs, and the payment term. If you decide to opt for this, it will be good to have enough money because of incurred expenses.
  2. We also have the cash-out payment refinance which means you can get lower-interest-rate loans on the cash you need, this is needed when you need to run some things with cash. Although it will increase the term of payment it’s worth it if you’re on a project.

When Does it Make Sense To Refinance my Mortgage

Here, as it’s the main subject of this article, I will tell you some things to know and have in place to determine whether it’s the ripe time to get your mortgage refinanced.

These are:

  • If you want to get a low-interest rate avenue and savings, you might want to refinance your mortgage.
  • If you need to change current rates to a fixed rate.
  • If it’s needful to get rid of private mortgage insurance (P.M.I).
  • When you want to reduce the mortgage payment term to pay later.
  • If you decide to lower your monthly payment by lengthening the mortgage term.

If you fall into any of those categories aforementioned, make do to refinance your mortgage!


If you don’t know what a good refinance rate entails, it will be necessary to know as this will also help you in refinancing your mortgage. Although there’s no exact way to know, a  good mortgage refinances rate means your current mortgage rate is 1 percent higher than your refinance rate, and you can know this simply by making sure that:

  1. The money you intend to pay to refinance is lower than your lower interest rate savings.
  2. You know the break-even point.

Many advantages accrue to refinancing your mortgage especially when you’re not boxed up for the home payment and you’re eligible to get it. However, it will be best to refinance your mortgage when you have stable economic conditions and income.

Haven understood what mortgage refinancing is and when to do it, it will be wise for you to take advantage of it when possible.


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