Is Facebook Dating Weird – Facebook Dating Application | Create My Facebook Dating Profile

I guess it really is time to pop the question “Is Facebook Dating Weird”. As much as some people would want the answer to this question to be YES, the truth is that it isn’t. Frankly, Facebook dating is one of the best dating platforms on the internet you can access for free.

Is Facebook Dating Weird

This feature was introduced into the social media a while ago and now there are millions of people making use of the feature.

Is Facebook Dating Weird

The best part about Facebook dating is that you can find a date no matter how you love. The algorithm was designed in such a unique way that it matches people almost perfectly. All you have to do is create a dating profile and set up your dating preferences and you are good to go. If you are really into dating online, you should try this dating platform. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

Facebook Dating Application

Most people do think that there is a Facebook dating application you need to download and install on your device to access Facebook dating. Well, this is wrong. Facebook dating is not a standalone app. It is a feature built on the official Facebook application so users can access it.

In a nutshell, what this means to say is that you do not need to download a standalone app to access FB dating. All you have to do is open the FB official app you already have installed on your device and tap on a dating icon. It’s as easy as that.

Create My Facebook Dating Profile

Below is how to can access the dating feature and create a dating profile for free.

  • Get your internet-connected device and turn it on
  • Open your app store and download the Facebook official app (if you already have the app simply skip this step)
  • Open the FB official app and log in to an already existing account (if you do not have an already existing account quickly create one by tapping on the “Create New Account” button)
  • Once signed in, tap on the hamburger menu icon
  • From the list of menu options, tap on the dating icon (the dating icon is a heart-shaped icon colored red and purple)
  • Hit the “Get Started” button and begin creating your dating profile

Immediately your dating profile is completed, you would be taken to a page where potential matches will be displayed to you.


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