Is Dating on Facebook Free – Facebook Dating App Download | How Do I Create a Facebook Dating Profile?

Today people are asking, Is Dating on Facebook Free? The answer to that is yes. Dating on Facebook is Free. On Facebook today, there is a dating feature. This dating feature is what allows users to begin dating for free. Truth be told, this dating feature is one of the best dating features out there today.

Is Dating on Facebook Free

Is Dating on Facebook Free

One of the best amazing features of this dating feature is its secrecy. No other member of the social media (Facebook) who is not a member of the dating feature can know you are making use of the dating feature. For members of the social media to know you are making use of the dating feature, they must be making use of the dating feature too.

Facebook Dating App Download

If you want to download and install the Facebook dating, follow the steps below.

  • Get your mobile device and connect it to the internet
  • Open any app store on your device and tap on the search bar
  • On the search bar of the app store, enter the search term “Facebook”
  • On the app download page, tap on the “Get” or “Install” button
  • Meet all requirements to download apps on your device and the app download process should begin

After the app has been successfully downloaded on your device, the installation process should begin. Once the app has been downloaded and installed you can get started with creating your dating profile.

How Do I Create a Facebook Dating Profile?

Below is how you can create your dating profile on Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook official app (the app you downloaded following the steps above)
  • Create an account or create an already existing one
  • Once your account has been created, tap on the menu icon. The menu icon is located at the top right side of the screen for android devices and at the bottom right side of the screen for iOS devices
  • From the list of menu icons, tap on the dating icon (a heart-shaped icon colored red and purple) and then on the “Get Started” button
  • Create your dating profile and you would be taken to a page where potential matches will be displayed to you

Above is how to create a Facebook dating profile.


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