Is 770 A Good Credit Score

Is 770 a good credit score? Well, a 770 credit score is not just good, but it is excellent. If it is that you have a credit score in the range of 750-850 then you are almost certain to be approved for loans and credit cards. You will even be offered the most affordable of interest rates as well as terms on both loans and credit cards.

Is 770 A Good Credit Score

Is 770 A Good Credit Score

Your credit score as you should know by now is one of the most important determining factors for your future and finances. It just could be the one thing that gets to determine whether you are able to get a loan for a new home or keep renting. It can really impact just how high the interest rates on your car, home, and student loans are. Lastly, the better your credit score is, the less you will get to pay for borrowing money.

And even though a credit score of 770 is excellent, you can still improve on it. and in a bit, I will be guiding you and providing you with all the necessary steps needed to grow and improve your credit score.

Steps to Increase Your Credit Score Of 770

Although a credit score of 770 is excellent, you can still improve on it if you so choose to. And with that being said, here are tips and steps that you can use in improving your credit score effectively.

Keep Your Credit Card Balances Very Low

The amount of money that you owe versus the amount of credit that you have in your balance impacts your credit rating. You should note that the lower your balances are, the higher your score will likely be. Ideally, your cards in question should never have over thirty percent of their available credit line charged.

Consolidating your credit card debt through a personal loan could be an excellent solution to a low credit score. And in addition to that, paying your balance in full every single month may not really make a difference as some credit bureaus consider the amount that is on your statement rather than the amount after your stipulated payment.

You Should Keep Your Old Debit on Your Report

So many people call their credit bureaus the very same week after they have paid off a home or car and are trying to get the debt removed from their report. But you should know that a paid debt is actually a form of good debt that will get to boost your score and not lower it.

Shop Smart for a Loan

One thing that you should know is that applying for various loans or credit cards in a row can hurt your score drastically. But many lenders in the market will give you a “grace period” where your credit score will reportedly not be impacted. If you get to do your entire loan shopping in a three-week period, for instance, there is a really good chance that it will not count against you. Reaching out to one of the bureaus is a really good way to find out their exact policy.

Make Sure You Pay Your Bills and Cut Your Debt

You should make your monthly payments on time as well as in full as often as possible. And at the end of the day, the less debt you get to owe, the higher your credit score will be. Being smart in regards to how you make use of your credit card will do nothing for your score if it is maxed out.

You Should Not Worry About Your Credit

You really should not be checking your credit score every day or expecting quick changes overnight. All you need to do is to adopt good habits, just like the ones above, and then keep working towards gradual improvement.


Improving your 770 credit score can take a whole lot of work, but following these very steps can make all the difference that you are looking for. It will however take time, but you can see that your credit score will go up within a year, which could get to save you countless amounts on interest rates. At the end of the day, dedicating the effort to improving your credit is worth the time and investment.



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