iPhone Focus Mode – How to Use Focus Mode

iPhone Focus Mode. Apple has become quite famous for its launch events. This event is not where Apple decides to announce that they are launching new devices like new iPhones and AirPods, but this is also where the public would be made aware of the brand new features that Apple would be releasing as updates to iOS.

iPhone Focus Mode

iPhone Focus Mode

iOS 15 launch happens to mark the arrival of an expanded version of Do Not Disturb that can be enabled on the iPhone and iPad. This new feature goes by the name focus mode, and it is designed to offer users customizable control over which notifications they get to receive while busy.

Unlike a lot of iOS features that might be used occasionally, The Focus mode is something that you probably find very useful on a daily basis, especially if you want to avoid being interrupted while at work, but still want to receive emergency alerts from some particular contact.

What is iOS Focus Mode?

Our iPhones are quite important for our day-to-day life. Most times, they are not only used for social situations, but they tend to make our work lives a very big deal and a lot easier by offering us faster access to things like email, important texts, and even meetings.

However, our smartphones can turn out to be distractions sometimes, whether they arrive in the form of social media updates, tempting apps like Reddit, or simply an annoying number of messages when you are trying to work. Regardless of what distractions may be, Apple’s new Focus mode can help.

The Focus Mode setting would enable you to silence or pause notifications on an iPhone or iPad in order for you to pay much closer attention to the task at hand or to make sure that nothing would wake you up while you are trying to sleep. This feature sounds more like do not disturb, but focus works differently because you would get to set several parameters based on the activity that you are carrying out at the moment.

If you choose to read a book, for example, you can create a custom focus mode that would only allow notifications come from several people and apps to get through. The same seems to be true for any other activity, plus there are focus presets for Work, Personal, and sleep.

How to Use Focus Mode

Luckily, Apple has made setting up the focus mode an easy step. Although it might turn out to be a bit confusing at first, you can choose to set all the guidelines. However, once you get the hang of it, your focus level would be through the roof, at least when it comes to avoiding distractions coming from your iPhone.

  • First, launch your iPhone settings
  • The tap focus, which would be located on the main settings page
  • Now, tap on one of the preset focus modes, which includes the Do not disturb, sleep, and work
  • From this point on, customize the focus mode that works best for you. This would allow you to set times during which the focus mode is activated, exceptions for who is able to contact you, which apps can send you notifications, and similar.
  • In other to create a custom focus mode, just tap the + button that is located in the upper right section of the focus menu in settings.
  • Tap on the name and the color that you want to use for your custom mode, then adjust its settings to meet the needs of users.

With this, you should be able to set your focus mode on your iPhone. Users also can choose to add an additional focus mode and set some guidelines for them. It is best that there is a setting that would allow you to share the focus mode for all your devices. If the settings is selected, the same settings from focus mode on your iPhone would be used for other Apple devices, including your iPad, Mac Computer, or Apple watch.


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