Introducing the new Card format for Native Shopping Ads exclusively on SiteStripe

If you do not know this before and you are an Amazon associate you have to know it now it is good news for all Amazon affiliate partners. This is the fact that Amazon is Introducing the new Card format for Native Shopping Ads exclusively on SiteStripe. Yes, you saw it right there is a new native shopping ad card format you can use as an Amazon affiliate to bolster your income earnings.

Introducing the new Card format for Native Shopping Ads exclusively on SiteStripe

Native ads and one of the only few ways and one of the best tools that are available to you as an Amazon associate partner to make more income and earnings. In this article, I will be divulging to you everything you need to know about the new native ads card format exclusive to SiteStripe. Also if you do not know what Amazon site stripe is we are going to be touching it a little in this article as well.

Introducing the new Card format for Native Shopping Ads exclusively on SiteStripe

There have been several Amazon native ad formats in the past that Amazon associates utilize to earn more income for themselves. However, Amazon has recently launched a new format for native ads which is called the card format. This new card format is only available for custom variants of native shopping ads exclusive on SiteStripe.

What this means is that you can only access the new card format of native ads from the SiteStripe toolbar when you log in to your Amazon associate account. This also means that those that are not part of the Amazon associates program will not be able to access this feature. The new transformer is simply optimized to be displayed in a simple and mobile-friendly way. It is designed in such a way you can simply insert it into your articles and it will boost your RPM.

To boost your RPM it makes use of the information such as images, real-time price, and ratings, and also adds a buy now button to your ads. So many people have been utilizing this feature since it was launched to increase their RPM and they have never regretted it for a second. Also, you should know that to make use of this feature properly you need extensive knowledge about SiteStripe.

Native Shopping Ads – Associates Central

As an Amazon associate, you need to have a blog where you constantly make posts and then add your Amazon affiliate links. For the sole purpose of driving visitors to products on Amazon so that you can make money being an Amazon associate. Before this can happen you need a native shopping ad on your article which can simply be added at the end of each article.

A native shopping ad is an ad that is designed to improve and provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations. These ads do this in stylishly designed and responsive units which are usually placed at the end of each article to attract visitors. They are simply built for containing visitors to visit your products and make for a good visitor experience and shopping opportunity.

Types of Native Ads

All native ads you see everywhere are simply categorized into three different types. However, for these different types of native ads, they are two formats each one of them. This means there are two formats of native ads. The three different types of native ads and listed below:

  1. Recommendation ads – these are the ones that normally display the recommended information about a particular product. They are based on your page content and visiting uses.
  2. Search ads – search ads are the type of ads that display products based on your search information.
  3. Custom ads – these are ads that are handpicked and are not based on any specific category or anything definition way.

Native Ads Format

As I mentioned above there are different formats of the types of the hard way just listed, actually, there are two native ads format. Which are grid format and list format of native ads. So any of the types of ads that you might see in an article are either in a grid format or list format. But as a result of this article, we now have a third format which is called the card format of native ads. Which can only be accessed through the SiteStripe.

Amazon SiteStripe

In order to get creating the new card format system of native and you need to know what site stripe is. SiteStripe is your one and only toolbar that is available to you from Amazon that gives you an easy way to create links to your affiliate products. This is an easier way to create all sorts of affiliate links without having to go to your Amazon associate center to get create an affiliate link.

SiteStripe is only available to those that are members of the Amazon associate program. To access this feature you need to log in to your Amazon associate account then you can see the SiteStripe toolbar. If you can’t find the toolbar you need to activate or turn on the feature to do so. To get more info about SiteStripe read my article.

How to create the new card format native ad on SiteStripe

To create the new card format of native ads you need to visit the SiteStripe toolbar. Once you are there follow the below procedure:

  • Login to your amazon associates accounts.
  • Now you can see the side stripes toolbar.
  • Type The name of a product you want to close the ad for.
  • Select the products and now you can see the option to create a card format native ad.
  • Click on custom.
  • Finally, complete underrated HTML code and embed it into your website or page.



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