Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone – How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone

The dark mode is a helpful feature to so many people out there and Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone is just right for you! If you are an Instagram user with an iPhone, you should stay right in this article.

The dark mode is one amazing feature that has been added to some apps and smartphone software. Turning on this dark mode changes the entire background of the app. Let’s move on, as you get more details about this feature.

Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone

Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone

Introducing the Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone has been of great help to so many Instagram users out there. And if you are among them, then you should get to know about this feature right away. This social media app has rolled out its dark mode for both iOS 13 and Android 10.

However, this article will be referring you to the dark mode for iPhones only. When this feature is turned on, it changes the white background of the app to a dark one. With this, the whole colored text changes to white.

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Instagram Dark Theme

This actually applies to those who may have issues with their eyes while operating bright screens and backgrounds. It is also helpful in cases where you want to save your battery life.

Even if you do not have issues with your eyes or battery life, you may want the app to look pretty, unique, and sleek. However, this works for only updated phone software. So, if you want to make use of the Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone, you need to have to iOS 13 version.

Instagram Night Mode

The dark mode is a color scheme for these social media platforms, which replaces the usual white backgrounds with gray and black backgrounds. How can you actually get this Instagram Dark Mode on your iPhone? Making use of these apps in a dark mode can help to keep your battery life and also keep your eyes safe.

Instagram Dark Mode How

Finally, this photo-sharing app looks good using this feature. When it comes to social media app, almost every feature is just right for you! Well, you may begin to wonder how you can turn on this amazing feature just for you! Let’s check out the steps involved.

  • On your iPhone, go to the phone’s settings.
  • Click on “Display and Brightness”.
  • Next, you have to click on “Dark”. This will change the theme.
  • You can now open the Instagram app.

This will change the theme of the app’s background.


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