Impact of Online Pornography on Children

What are the Impact of Online Pornography on Children? Pornographic content might be good for you as an adult however inside the case it’s totally different and the reverse is the case. So many adults spend so many hours watching pornography that it does not really have that much effect on them as children. We all know as a child they have a fragile mentality that needs to be protected from graphic content such as pornography. That is why I will take a look  Impact of online pornography on children today.

Impact of Online Pornography on Children

There is no doubt that pornographic content can simply I’m your child ever today we are taking a closer look at its impact of it. So that to discourage more parents and adults from letting their children access pornographic content as it is harmful to them. Just as a virus is harmful to your body pornographic content is harmful to children and can seriously damage them for life.

Impact of Online Pornography on Children

It has never been good for children to be exposed to any form of graphical content and their mind is still young and being molded. Not only children anybody that is considered below an adult should not be exposed to any form of graphic content like pornography. Pornography generates a very strong form of message which is one of the most serious issues of life today.

Watching pornography as a child being exposed to things seriously impact the gender, equality, and sexuality of a child. In a study carried out in 2016, it was exposed that nearly half of the children in the United States from ages 9 – to 16 I’ve been exposed to pornographic content. The research also says that young male children are more likely to seek out pornographic content than females.

Exposing a child to this form of content at an early age can check their sexual practices for life. Associate children and eventually adults when growing up with unsafe sexual forms practices not good for their health. And also unsafe various forms of anal and vaginal sex have been the same from pornographic content they are being exposed to.

The Danger of Pornography Exposure to Children

Getting access to pornographic content online is one of the easiest things to do these days. Also as the world becomes more technologically equipped free internet is everywhere people can easily access pornographic content. Nowadays children now have access to electronic devices on phones or mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

If they are not properly shielded and guided they might end up exposing themselves to pornographic content without their guidance knowledge. And also they’re accepting the dangers they will expose themselves to when using or watching this kind of content. We all know that pornography use shapes sexual practices in adults then what about children.

Children have been exposed to pornography at a young age gives them serious mental problems, sexism, and objectivism. It makes them sexually violent and gives them so many other negative sexual behaviors. Which is not ever going to be good for them in the long run. So it is more important than ever to take care of the mental well-being of your child.

Exposure to Online Pornography

In recent times the number of children that are being exposed to online pornography has more than doubled his figure. It was about 28% of children that were being exposed but now it has increased to over 50% of children. Over half of children from ages 9 to 16 I’ve been exposed to 14 pornographic content or the others all over the world.

Out of this over 50% of children that have been exposed to pornography, 28% disclose that they were exposed to pornography online. This means that in the near future this percentage of the number of children exposed to online pornography is certainly going to double itself.

Impact of Pornography

The effect of porn cannot be overemphasized for a child. As guidance, we know the negative effects of porn on children. Below is the danger of pornography for children:

  • It promotes various kinds of harmful sexual ideas in children which they cannot wait to try even as children and also when they grow older. The majority of the surveys carried out show that pornography put negative and harmful ideas about sexual activities in the minds of children.
  • Over 53% of boys watching pornography things that it is actually a real activity this is because they are children.
  • It also makes you dread especially boys not to look for love but rather for sexual activities and adventures.
  • Sexting is another one of the dangers of exposing children to pornographic content. After washing a lot of phone calls and children tend to sex chat which leads to them having sexual conversations and eventually sending naked pictures online.
  • If normalizing sexual harm just like they watch the pornographic content. Most children after watching porn think that sexual harm is a normal thing. Gives them a mindset that portrays a lack of emotional relationship between consensual partners, unprotected sexual contact, and, in some instances, violence and rape.
  • Promoting aggression towards women is another very big disadvantage or danger of child exposure. Mainly because in most of the pornographic content they watch women are always treated aggressively during the act.
  • It can also lead to sexual addiction among children and teenagers being exposed to constant high levels of pornographic content.

What to do when a Child has been Exposed to Pornographic Content

Haven’t been exposed to form for a given period of time and the effects are already showing hope is not lost. Parents and guardians can do or carry out the below activities to help:

  • From now on properly educate and support your children exposing them to the dangers of being exposed to porn and many other things to help them. Therefore educating and supporting your kids is one of the most important aspects to tackle the effects of poor on children.
  • Also, know that there is a risk that children might get addicted to coming and simply cannot do without it and sex.
  • Support groups for children with porn addiction are a must if they are to break the urge.
  • Just listen to your child.
  • Let them talk about how they feel.
  • Talk about sex with them.

The rate at which children are being exposed to these forms of content is only going to get higher. However, as parents or guardians, there are certain things you can do to protect them from being exposed. Also, there are certain ways to manage the situation after children have been exposed. The most important thing is to properly handle the situation.



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