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IFCJ stands for International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between the Christian and Jewish religions.


This organization is well known for its acts of charity toward the residents of the country of Israel. It also provides food, clothing, and necessary medical assistance to the elderly Jews. Also, younger Jewish orphans are being catered for and educated by this organization.


The late Jewish Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) in 1983. It was formerly known as the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews and the aim was to bring unity between Jews and Christians and provide help for less privileged Jews. Currently, the charity organization is managed by the daughter of the founder Yael Eckstein.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews also carries out rallies where members pray and advocate for the rights, peace, and security of Israel. In addition to this, Jews who wish to migrate back to Israel are helped with their process of immigration and settlement.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Reviews

There are many activities carried out by this charity organization ad this article would be giving you a review of them. The organization gets its revenues from Christian evangelical donors and it uses these funds to finance all of its amazing projects. The activities carried out are discussed below.

IFCJ Isaiah 58

One of the IFCJ programs is the Isaiah 58 program. This program focuses on providing food, clothes, medical care, and other necessities to Jews who resided in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). This program originates from the Holy Bible in Isaiah 58:7. If you wish to give donations to support this program, visit the IFCJ Isaiah 58 online page with this link and click on “Donate Now”.

On the donation form, you can choose to make a single gift or make recurring monthly gifts. To make donations, enter every information required such as your “Name” “Address”, “City”, and “Postal code” and choose your payment option. After this, you can click on “Donate” to support the charity program.

IFCJ Guardians of Israel

Another wonderful charity program run by this non-profit charity organization is the Guardians of Israel. This program focuses on helping Jews who have no one to care for them. This is achieved by sending food, clothing, and most importantly, medical care to those who need it.

Also, shelter and comfort are also provided for those who have been victims of wars, bomb attacks, and terror. This is done by starting and completing Bomb shelter renovation projects. To donate to this amazing charity program, click on this link.

IFCJ On Wings of Eagles

This is another wonderful project that makes Aliyah easier and faster for Jews. The term “Aliyah’ simply means immigrating to Israel. Due to wars and the threat of wars Jews face in order countries, this program has been set in place to Jews move back to their homelands and settle down. Also, those who face extreme poverty in other countries can move back to their homeland and settle down well with the assistance rendered by the organization.

If you wish to be a part of this wonderful immigration and settlement program, you should click on this link now. After this, follow the instructions on your screen to give your donations.

IFCJ Stand for Israel

The Stand for Israel program is the last. It involves organizing people to pray and advocate for the Jewish community. Individuals are encouraged to pray for Israel and also stand for the political rights of the nation.

IFCJ Donate

Having known much about the charity programs run by the organization, you may wish to save more lives by assisting with your funds. The charity organization is run with the mindset that those who bless Israel would also be blessed.

There are many ways to donate to this charity program, you can donate monthly, give gifts, give in tribute, donate cryptocurrency, stocks, mutual funds, etc. You can make a donation on the IFCJ official web page, you can click on “Donate” and follow the screen instructions to make your desired donations.

IFCJ Charity Rating

The charity rating of the organization is a 3-star out of 4. This is quite impressive and you can make your donations with all confidence that the funds would be used properly to cater to the needy. Being one of the world’s largest charity organizations in the world, it is well known and funded by Christian missions all around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who owns the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews?

This non-profit organization is currently managed by the daughter of the founder Yael Eckstein. This lady took over the organization as the CEO after the death of her father; Yechiel Eckstein.

Does The Organization Accept Donations of Clothing or Household Goods?

No, this organization does not accept such donations. This is because the cost of shipping these materials is quite high. You can sell the goods you wish to donate and donate the proceeds.

Can I be a Volunteer in the Organization?

IFCJ does not have a volunteer program yet. So, you cannot be a volunteer in the organization.

Can I Give Donations through my Debit or Credit Card?

Yes, you can, when you follow the donation guide in this article, you would be able to set your donation option. You can also set the donations to be educated automatically from your bank account.


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