iF Social Impact Prize 2024 for Young Changemakers (€100,000 Money Prize) – Register Now!

Call for Registration is now Open for the iF Social Impact Prize 2024. Young Change-makers with projects dedicated to enhancing society are invited to submit their social project for an opportunity to win a share of the €100,000 Money Prize. The Prize supports projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, fostering positive societal change.

iF Social Impact Prize

iF Design has been recognized for exceptional design and social responsibility for the past 70 years. That is precisely what their shows and activities honor. Globally, the iF DESIGN AWARD is a significant indicator of exceptional design.

Eligibility Criteria for iF Social Impact Prize 2024

The iF Social Impact Prize welcomes project applications from companies, design studios, NGOs, foundations, or a social entrepreneur,

Please note that student concepts won’t be accepted, as the program ensures a focus on established initiatives.


Projects selected for the iF Social Impact Prize enjoy a range of benefits, from competing for a share of the €100,000 prize money to being showcased on the iF Design Website. The global design community, along with the public and media, gets introduced to these impactful endeavors.

In April and October 2024, a distinguished jury panel will decide the recipients of the iF Social Impact Prize and allocate the €100,000 prize money. Whether it’s awarded to one project or split among several, the impact remains profound.

How to Register

Interested and qualified? Follow the steps below to register:

  • To kick-start your application, register online through the my iF section at https://myif.ifdesign.com/login you will need to provide basic entry information.
  • Your entry details should encompass the entry name, type, discipline, and category. Media uploads, including images and optional PDFs or video links, offer a detailed presentation of your project.
  • Make a concise design statement and delve into specific details like target group, market region, development time, and launch information.
  • Complete your entry with credits, attributing at least one company each for design and client/manufacturer.

For additional information, visit the official page of the iF Social Impact Prize at https://ifdesign.com/en/if-social-impact-prize

Timeline of the Prize

The iF Social Impact Prize is decided twice a year, with deadlines in April and October 2024 for the first and second selections, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Chinese Characters accepted?

No, descriptions in Chinese aren’t accepted. All information must be in English for smooth registration processing.

Any Special Requirements for Submissions?

Entries must be less than two years old at the date of registration or launched, published, or realized in the award year.

Can Students Participate?

The iF DESIGN AWARD is exclusively for professionals. Students are encouraged to participate in the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD.

What is the Entry Cancellation Process?

Entries can be canceled free of charge within 14 days of submitting the online registration.

Submitting a Product Series

Yes, a product series can be registered as a single entry.

Is submitting Original Products or Prototypes allowed?

Both final products and prototypes are acceptable, providing flexibility in showcasing your innovation.

Are there networking opportunities for participants?

Yes, participants get a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

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