How to Use Hide My Email in iOS 15 Devices

How to Use Hide My Email in iOS 15 Devices. As you browse through the internet, there is a great possibility that you would come across sites that would require your email as ID, whether for online shopping, streaming media, or registering for newsletters and blogs.

How to Use Hide My Email in iOS 15 Devices

Although you might seem happy to enter your email address for the task that is currently in hand which could be to purchase a pair of headphones or fill out a survey – those sites might actually make use of updates to provide, send, advertise, and more which that could actually clutter your inbox.

Hide My Email on iOS 15

It is at this point that Apple’s Hide My Email features step in. it keeps your personal email ID safe, while you generate a random but unique email address that would automatically forward all the messages that you have received to your actual email address. By using the Hide My Email via iCloud+, you can choose to reply to the emails sent to these random email IDs, which would be made available in your private inbox. Apple stated that it does not read the emails that are redirected via Hide my Email addresses, except for filtering out the spam messages.

How to Setup Hide my Email on an iPhone

It is very important that hide my Email is only available on devices that run on the iOS 15, iPad 15, and macOS Monterey 12, and for those who subscribe to the iCloud+, the revamped version of iCloud. If you make use of a compatible device, the first step is creating a dummy email address.

Launch the Settings app on your Apple device and tap on “iCloud” and select the “Hide My Email” right from the option on the screen. If you are making use of the free version of iCloud, you would first be prompted to upgrade to iCloud+.

  • First, tap on the “Subscribe to iCloud+” and then follow the instructions to pay the subscription fee and unlock the feature.
  • After you are done subscribing to the service, return to the ‘Hide My Email’ menu and then tap on ‘Create new address’.
  • The system would further generate a new Hide My Email address that ends with ‘’ indicating that Apple directs these emails through its servers.
  • If you are not satisfied with the address, then tap on ‘continue’ to proceed.
  • Right on the next screen, label the email address and the confirm
  • Once you create the unique email address, you can make use of it to sign up for any digital service.

How to Manage the Hide My Email Address

Seeing as you are signed up to plenty of platforms, you might need to make changes to the Hide My Email forwarding address. In other to do so, you should launch the settings application right on your iOS 15 devices, after that tap on your name located at the top of the menu to open your account settings, tap on iCloud, and then select Hide My Email.

On the next screen, you would find the option ‘Forward to,’ which displays all the available email addresses that are currently registered. Choose one of these or tap on ‘Contactable at’ to add another email address – then tap on ‘Done’ located at the top right corner in other to change the Hide My Email Forwarding address.

Deactivating your Hide My Email

If you are interested in deactivating your “Hide My Email Address” entirely, meanwhile, launch the Hide My Email menu in the settings app. Here you would see all the dummy email addresses that have been created by you; tap on the one that you don’t wish to make use of anymore.

It would launch the ‘Sign up email’ menu with an option located at the bottom that reads ‘Deactivate email address.’ Once you select this option, you can choose to deactivate the Hide My Email address, which will put the randomly-generated Address on hold. Once you deactivate a Hide Email Address, you would not be forwarded any emails that you sent it.


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