How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

How can I start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Affiliate marketing has become a lucrative avenue for anyone who wants to earn passive income online. What makes it stand out is its accessibility and flexibility, it allows anyone with an internet connection to participate.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria
How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, the online space is rapidly expanding, and affiliate marketing presents an excellent opportunity for you to generate income from the comfort of your home. And guess what? You can start with just your phone and internet connection.

You don’t have to own a laptop to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, if you don’t know where to start, this guide will walk you through how to start in Nigeria.

Unlike other forms of marketing, affiliate marketing is becoming popular because it is easier to get started with and requires minimal upfront investment. Additionally, affiliates have the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

The scalability of affiliate marketing is also another attribute that makes it a great option, it allows you to expand your reach and earnings potential without the constraints of traditional business models. If you are ready to get started, here is how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Before you start, you need to know that Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where you as an affiliate promote products or services of other companies in exchange for a commission on sales generated through your referral efforts.

There are three primary parties involved: the merchant (seller or product creator), the affiliate (promoter – you), and the consumer.

If you want to become an affiliate in Nigeria, start by choosing a niche.

Choose a Niche

The first step in starting affiliate marketing is selecting a niche that aligns with your interests, expertise, and market demand.

Consider niches with high demand and low competition for better prospects.

Check for Affiliate Programs

Once you’ve identified your niche, research affiliate programs that offer products or services relevant to your chosen niche. Popular affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Jumia Affiliate Program offer numerous products suitable for Nigerian affiliates.

Build a Platform

Establish a platform to promote your affiliate products. This could be a blog, website, YouTube channel, social media profile, or email list. Focus on creating valuable content that attracts your target audience and drives engagement.

The quality of your content matters

Content is king in affiliate marketing. Produce high-quality, relevant content that addresses the needs and interests of your audience. You can do product reviews, tutorials, comparison articles, and informative guides.

Drive Traffic to your affiliate link

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate link. You can use various traffic generation strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, influencer collaborations, and paid advertising.

Do not forget tracking and analytics

Monitor the performance of your affiliate campaigns using tracking tools and analytics software. Track key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and commissions to optimize your strategies and maximize earnings.

The more traffic, the higher your sales

Once you start getting traffic to your affiliate product, do not stop, the more traffic you send to your affiliate product, the higher the number of sales you will make.

While selling your affiliate products in Nigeria, make sure you know and follow consumer protection laws, advertising regulations, and taxation policies applicable to affiliate income. Ensure you are transparent in your promotional activities to maintain trust with your audience.

Tips for Success in Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

  • Be authentic: Build trust with your audience by being authentic and transparent in your recommendations. Only promote products or services that you genuinely believe in and that provide value to your audience.
  • Stay consistent: Consistency is key to success in this business. Keep producing quality content, engaging with your audience, and refining your strategies to achieve long-term growth.
  • Diversify income streams: While affiliate marketing can be lucrative, it’s wise to diversify your income streams to mitigate risk. You should explore other monetization methods such as sponsored content, digital products, and online courses.
  • Stay updated: The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Always look out for industry trends, algorithm changes, and new affiliate opportunities to promote.


Affiliate marketing is a promising avenue for anyone to make money online in Nigeria and build sustainable online businesses. If you want to get started, choose a niche you are very good at and use content (quality content) to promote your affiliate products.

Do not forget that traffic is the lifeline of your business so ensure that you consistently drive traffic to your affiliate products, the more traffic, the higher your sales and the more you earn from commission.



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