How to Settle Student Loans

Do you know how to settle student loans? It is not a surprise to know that student loans is now a problem across the US. A huge chunk of students, as well as graduates, are all knee-deep in student loan debts. And the question on the lips of everyone now is how to get out of student loans.

How to Settle Student Loans

How to Settle Student Loans

There are many things to do when or if you need solutions for your student debt. But I must warn you, the steps and processes are long and really hectic. You must be ready to go down the long road if really you want to find a solution to your student loans.

There are two types of loans and they are federal student loans and private student loans. And although both of these types of student loans all work towards helping with your educational financial issues, they both work differently.

Federal student loan borrowers have more options and payment solutions when it comes to their loans in contrast to private student loan borrowers. Generally, when you are looking for a solution t your ebt, there are a couple of things that you can do to get out of your predicament. You can explore legit student loan help resources as well as organizations to contact with. You also can pause payments on your loans and then find out the difference between student loan deferment and forbearance. There is also the option of defaulting and then getting out of defaulting on your student loans. You can also declare bankruptcy and so many more.

Before I go any further in this post, you should know that student loan settlement is very much possible. But the thing you should know is that you are at the mercy of your lender in getting to accept less than what it is owed originally.

When You Should Settle Your Loans

You should not expect to negotiate a settlement with your lender unless your loans are close to or are in default. Another case where you should negotiate a settlement for your loan is when your loan holder would be making more money by settling the amount in full or over a couple of installments.

You however should not miss your student loan payments and then try to force a debt settlement. Doing this will make you damage your credit seriously. You should also know that collection costs can also be added to the amount that you originally owe, and the savings may be way less than what you hope for and there is also no guarantee that your lender at the end of the day will agree to negotiate with you.

When You Can Settle Student Loan Debts

It differs for federal student loan debts and their private counterparts. Lenders on both aspects will require your loans to be in or close to default to begin negotiations for settlement. Federal student loans as you should know enter default after 270 days of past-due payments.

For private student loans, the timelines vary, but default at most times happens after 90 days of missed payments as per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Federal student loans getting discharged via bankruptcy rarely happens, but private student loans being discharged via bankruptcy on the other hand might just be an option in getting rid of your private student loans.

You should however know that federal student loans have many other options in their arsenal to eliminate their debt. Federal student loan defaulters can discharge their loans in instances such as school fraud and permanent disability or death, but they are however not eligible for loan forgiveness. If you would however want to qualify for forgiveness as a federal student loan borrower then you should return your loan to good standing instead of just settling them as you will likely get to save more money.

How to Get a Student Loan Settlement

Negotiation for a student loan settlement can be a very long process, but at the end of the day, it just may benefit you. You can always attempt to settle out your student loans all by yourself or with the help of a negotiator that is more experienced in situations like this. There are three ways to negotiate your student loan settlement and they are;

  • Making contact your self
  • Hiring an experienced attorney or lawyer
  • Working with a debt settlement company or firm

Each of these ways can be effective in negotiating student loan debts. You however should know that hiring a lawyer or working with a debt settlement company will not guarantee success in these negotiations. It can be a miss or hit. At most times you can handle these negotiations yourself and in the process get to save more money as you will not get to pay out anyone for services offered.


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