How To Say ‘Mother’ In Different Country Language

Here is How To Say ‘Mother’ In Different Country Language. Mother’s Day celebration is observed in the month of March, May and/or April in the United States and in many countries respectively.

How To Say ‘Mother’ In Different Country Language

Since this celebration is one that is observed in almost all nations of the world, it’s a good reason to find out how to say Mother in different country language of the world.

You will be amazed to know that the word mother is either pronounced or spelt similarly in most countries. But regardless of what name mothers answer to, here’s wishing all amazing moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day!

How To Say ‘Mother’ In Different Country Language

  1. Mandarin Chinese: Mãma
  2. English: Mother or Mom, Mummy, and other variation
  3. Hindustani: Māṃ
  4. Spanish: Madre or mamá
  5. Arabic: Māma
  6. Malay: Ibu
  7. Russian: мама
  8. Bengali: Mā
  9. Portuguese: Mãe
  10. French: Mère
  11. Japanese: Okaasan, okaachan, or haha
  12. Punjabi: Māṁ
  13. German: Mutter
  14. Javanese: Ibu
  15. Swedish: Mor or Morsa
  16. Telugu: Talli
  17. Vietnamese: Mẹ
  18. Korean: Eomeoni
  19. Marathi: Ā’ī
  20. Tamil: Am’mā
  21. Turkish: Anne
  22. Italian: Madre
  23. Hausa: Uwa
  24. Czech: Matka
  25. Swahili: Mama
  26. Yiddish: Muter.
  27. Welsh: Mam.
  28. Vietnamese: Me.
  29. Urdu: Ammee
  30. Ukrainian: Mati
  31. Swahili: Mzaa, mzazi, or mama.
  32. Slovak: mama or Matka.
  33. Serbian: Majka.
  34. Samoan: Tina.
  35. Romanian: Mama and maica.
  36. Persian: Madr or maman
  37. Norwegian: Mor or mamma.
  38. Latin: Mater.
  39. Lithuanian: Motina.
  40. Latvian: Mamma.


It’s yet another season to show your mom some love as Mother’s Day using one of these foreign languages. Learn how to use any of the languages to create good memories.

This post have listed 40 different country language you can use to call your mom as we celebrate the famous Mother’s Day celebration.

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