How to make your WordPress Website Load Faster in 2022

Learning how to make your WordPress load faster in 2022 is a very important skill for any website owner.  why is it necessary? It is necessary because page loading speed influences everything from traffic to bounce rate to conversions, user satisfaction, and ultimately profits. For this reason, we need to put a guide together on how your WordPress can load faster in 2022.

How to make your WordPress Website Load Faster in 2022

How to make your WordPress Website Load Faster in 2022

If you are using WordPress, you will observe that sometimes the site will become sluggish. The issue can be so annoying especially for those who understand the negative effect of this single issue.

In a situation like this, you need to act fast so that you won’t lose your site traffic. Nobody will like to visit a slow website no matter how quality its contents may be.

If you are facing this issue, don’t worry, on this article, I will list out how the issue can be resolved.

The reason why your WordPress Website Loads Slow

The following are some reasons why your site is loading slow:

  • The bad web hosting can make your site load very slow
  • Large pages size can slow it with large images
  • If your WordPress configuration is poor it can lead to slow loading of the site
  • Plugin conflict can also make site load slow
  • External scripts from your theme or plugins

How to Speed Up WordPress

The following are ways to speed up your WordPress Site and decrease page loading time.

Invest in Quality Hosting

The basic way to increase site performance is to choose a good host to house your site. Remember that hosting is the act of getting what you pay for.

As a first step, avoid sharing hosting if you can. If you stop it will remove the risk of having bad neighbors on your server that can slow down your site.

VPS is a good idea. This type of hosting provides a nice balance of speed, comfort, but is a bit6 higher in cost.

Make sure your Web Technology Is Up to Date

To keep your WordPress speed up, you need to keep your core technology up to date. All websites should be running at least PHP 8.0 or 8.1. you can check for currently supported PHP versions here

The new versions of HTML, PHP, and other web technologies come out for a reason. And all this contains developments, new features, and mostly improved speed. So, it is important that it should be updated.

Make sure you use the Latest Versions of WordPress and its Components

Keeping your website up to date is not just speed but also a security issue. With the latest version of WordPress, your themes, and plugins, you also make sure all known vulnerabilities are fixed.

Each version of the CMS comes with new features, bug fixes, and more. They make the website run more professionally and stop it from slowing down too much.

Try to use a Proper Theme

Theme can be a decisive factor in website speed. However, it is because some themes out there are just bloated messes. They give many features that slows down your site from sheer weight.

For that reason, try to find a theme that has what you need and nothing more. Or rather get a better lightweight theme and add functionality through plugins. This way you can keep things lean and lightweight.

Some light themes that are good for starting points are Generate Press and Astra

 Set Up Monitoring

You need to set up a, monitoring for your website to build your site very well.

Many of the tools like Pingdom are offer automating monitoring. When you register for it, they will send you an email if your site gets too slow. It is worth investing in.

Decrease Server Requests

Many requests happen every time your browser asks for some type of resource from your server. It can be a file like a style sheet, a script, or an image.

For you to reduce them to a minimum lower the number of posts shown on a page, only show post excepts no full posts on your achieve page, split longer posts into pages it very easy. And also get a lot of comments, break them up into several pages, and more.

Optimize Images

You need to make up the bulk of a page. It is crucial that you learn how to make images as small as possible without losing quality.

Tiny PNG used to be one of the good image optimizers but you will probably get much better results with short pixels and it is a lossy image density.

When you use images in your content, it is important to note that WordPress creates many sizes of them. that way, you can insert the size of the image it will actually appear in.

Stop Hosting Videos on your Own Site

Hosting videos on your own site is not a good idea. It will cost you bandwidth, that is if you have a limited hosting account which is very important. It will make your WordPress site considerably large and thus harder to back up.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN works by taking a website static file like images, stylesheet, and JavaScript, and it delivers them on a server that is closer to the web user location.

The web content will load faster if the server is closer to the physical user location. It is most expected to use a content delivery network when your site user exists in a different part of the world.

Review your Host Provider and Package

After trying most options listed above and the site is still slow, then you must have to investigate your hosting packages and your host company.

You will have to upgrade your host package or better still migration your site to another hosting provider.

However, beware of the reseller hosting, their server location is always different from the base county the hosting company is located. Thats it for How to make your WordPress Website Load Faster in 2022.


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