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How to Make a Live Wallpaper. Making live wallpaper is not all that necessary, seeing as there are tons of live wallpaper on the internet, and you can choose to download and make anyone your live wallpaper.

How to Make a Live Wallpaper

How to Make a Live Wallpaper

As a matter of fact, regardless of if you are making use of a Mac or a Windows laptop or PC, you would easily come across some pre-made dynamic wallpapers. Websites like the dynamic wallpaper club are in possession of extensive user-populated galleries teeming with professional-quality live wallpapers that you can choose to download, and a lot of them are available for free.

As do free and paid-for apps like Dynaper, WinDynamicDesktop, and iWallpaper. That is if you want to install such apps on your computer. Between those and the websites, you should find some really great live wallpapers that would spruce up your desktop without much work coming from you.

However, if you are looking forward to getting those creative juices flowing – or you just cannot locate one you like. You would also be happy to know that making a love wallpaper right from scratch is not that hard, you might think. All you really need is the right tool for the job.

The Wallpaper Engine

You would however find some great apps that would aid you in creating your very own dynamic wallpaper, but none of the are revered as the wallpaper Engine. This app, allow you to import user-made dynamic wallpapers and also create your very own. It is now the go-to live wallpaper app for all windows users. This is mainly because it is a pretty powerful program with an extensive feature set and a wallpaper editor that would allow you to create not just video or slideshow wallpapers but also 3D ones.

The app is not entirely free. For an app that is this great and comprehensive, you hardly expect it to come entirely free. The app is actually free at $3.99(around £3.20, AU$5.60), it is not just inexpensive, it is also of great value considering what the app would be giving you. most importantly, it is very easy to make easier dynamic wallpapers. As for the complex ones, you should be able to locate detailed and easy-to-follow tutorials online.

Note that this app was created only for windows. If you happen to be in possession of a Mac, some people recommend that you download the Dynamic Wallpaper Engine. Well, it certainly is not as expansive and feature-rich as the wallpaper Engine, but this would allow you to create playlists and upload your very own videos.

How to Make a Live Wallpaper using the Wallpaper Engine in Windows

This tutorial would not be taking you through the actual editing process. You have those in-depth tutorials online – not to mention, your creative chops – for that, we would show you exactly where to start from.

First thing, you would need to download the app from steam then head to quick setup where you would be asked to select your language, select your default wallpaper quality, and then choose to automatically run at startup. Once that is done, you can choose to start making your very own live wallpaper.

In other, for you to make a dynamic wallpaper through your wallpaper Engine, you would need to get the wallpaper editor.

  • Right on the home screen, click on the wallpaper editor button on the bottom right. You can choose to also click on open wallpaper and then select “create new Wallpaper” in the dropdown box.
  • Select a Template or a Blank Canvas

Start a new project

Here you would be required to start a new project name, select your preferred scheme color, and then select the image resolution and the hit on OK

Add Animations and Effects

there you would be taken to the main wallpaper Editor window. Right under the properties tab on the right side, you should be able to carry out things like add animations and effects to your image, change alignment, select the blend mode, and more.

You can add animations like cloud movement, water ripple, and foliage sway. And to do this, head to effects and click on Add.

Add Assets

If you are looking forward to adding more dynamic wallpaper, you should consider adding more assets to your background image. In order to do this, click on “add asset” under the “layers” tab on the left side of the wallpaper editor window.

Tweaks Assets

Moving and rotating the scale of every asset you add should not be that complicating.

Save and Apply

Once you are done with all the hassle and editing, it is finally time for you to save and apply and even publish your finished work and wallpaper. To apply that live wallpaper you just created, head to file and then hit “Apply Wallpaper.”

Publishing your wallpaper to the wallpaper Engine workshop

This is totally optional. If you have completed a design and you wish to share it with the wallpaper Engine workshop, simply head to a workshop on the top menu and then click on “Share Wallpaper on Workshop.”

The publish to workshop dialogue box would appear asking you to fill in some information concerning your work. Once you are ready, click on the Publish button.


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