How to Get Terrorism Insurance Coverage

Terrorism insurance coverage is a specialized form of insurance that provides financial protection against losses resulting from acts of terrorism. Additionally, this insurance coverage has its benefits and through this blog post, you will get enlightenment on that.

Terrorism Insurance

What is Terrorism Insurance?

Terrorism insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides financial protection to individuals, businesses, and organizations against losses resulting from acts of terrorism.

However, it is designed to help mitigate the financial risks associated with terrorist attacks, which can cause widespread destruction, property damage, injuries, and loss of life.

Types of Terrorism Insurance Coverage

The specific types of terrorism insurance coverage can vary depending on the insurance company and policy terms, but here are some common types.

Property Terrorism Insurance

This type of coverage provides protection for physical damage to property caused by acts of terrorism. It typically includes buildings, structures, and their contents. Meanwhile, the coverage may extend to cover repair or replacement costs, business interruption, and related expenses.

Business Interruption Terrorism Insurance

This coverage is designed to compensate businesses for income losses and extra expenses incurred as a result of an act of terrorism. However, it may cover financial losses due to the interruption or suspension of business operations, including expenses such as payroll, rent, and utilities.

Workers’ Compensation Terrorism Insurance

This coverage provides protection for employees who are injured or killed as a result of a terrorist attack while on the job. Also, it may cover medical expenses, disability benefits, and death benefits for affected employees and their families.

Liability Terrorism Insurance

This type of coverage protects individuals and organizations against liability claims arising from acts of terrorism. Going further, it may cover legal defense costs, settlements, or judgments related to bodily injury, property damage, or other claims resulting from a terrorist act.

Event Terrorism Insurance

This coverage is tailored for special events, such as concerts, sports events, or festivals, where the risk of terrorism is perceived to be higher. Additionally, it may cover event cancellation or postponement expenses, liability for injuries or damages, and other related costs.

How to Get Terrorism Insurance Coverage

Obtaining terrorism insurance is certainly not a difficult procedure if you follow the steps below.

Assess your needs

Determine the specific risks and vulnerabilities your business or organization may face concerning acts of terrorism. Consider factors such as location, industry, size, and potential consequences of a terrorist incident.

This assessment will help you understand the type and amount of coverage you require.

Research insurance providers

Look for reputable insurance companies that offer terrorism insurance coverage. Consider factors such as their experience, financial stability, customer reviews, and the scope of their coverage.

Engage an insurance broker or agent

Insurance brokers or agents specialize in connecting clients with suitable insurance providers. Well, they can help assess your needs, recommend appropriate coverage options, and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.

Policy review and customization

Work with your insurance broker or agent to review policy terms, coverage limits, exclusions, and premiums. However, to ensure that the policy aligns with your specific requirements. You may need to customize the policy based on your industry, location, and risk profile.

Submit an application

Provide the necessary information and complete the application process with the chosen insurance company. Well, this may involve filling out forms, providing supporting documents, and disclosing relevant information about your business or organization.

Underwriting process

The insurance company will assess your application and conduct its own evaluation of the risk. Moreover, this process may involve reviewing your risk profile, analyzing your security measures, and considering the broader geopolitical environment.

Policy issuance and payment

If your application is approved, the insurance company will issue the policy. Review the policy documents carefully, paying attention to the coverage details, the policy period, deductibles, and any endorsements. Make the necessary premium payments to activate the coverage.

Ongoing risk management

Once you have obtained terrorism insurance coverage, continue to assess and manage your risks effectively. Implement appropriate security measures, stay informed about emerging threats, and regularly review your coverage to ensure it remains adequate for your evolving needs.

10 Best Terrorism Insurance Coverage Companies to Consider

There are actually several companies that offer terrorism insurance coverage and this blog post offers the 10 best terrorism insurance coverage for you to consider.

AIG (American International Group)

AIG is a global insurance and financial services company offering a wide range of insurance products, including terrorism coverage. Meanwhile, they have a strong presence in the insurance market and have provided coverage for various high-profile risks, including terrorism-related incidents.


Chubb is a leading provider of property and casualty insurance and has a solid reputation in the industry. Also, they offer terrorism insurance coverage to businesses and organizations, providing protection against acts of terrorism and related risks.

Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich is a global insurance company with a diverse portfolio of insurance products, including terrorism coverage. However, they have expertise in assessing and managing risks associated with terrorism and can provide tailored insurance solutions to meet specific needs.

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Allianz is one of the world’s largest insurance companies, offering a range of insurance solutions for businesses. Moreover, their specialty division, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, provides insurance coverage for complex and high-risk exposures, including terrorism risks.


AXA XL is the property and casualty insurance division of the global insurance and asset management company, AXA. Well, they offer terrorism insurance coverage to businesses, providing protection against acts of terrorism, sabotage, and political violence.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a diversified global insurer that offers various insurance products, including terrorism coverage. Going further, they provide coverage for businesses and organizations facing potential terrorism-related risks and work closely with clients to assess and mitigate those risks.

Travelers Insurance

Travelers is a well-known insurance company offering a broad range of insurance products and services. Also, they provide terrorism insurance coverage, helping businesses protect themselves against losses arising from acts of terrorism and related perils.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational conglomerate. Moreover, they offer specialized insurance products, including terrorism coverage, to businesses and organizations globally.


Marsh is a leading insurance broker and risk management firm. While they don’t underwrite insurance directly, they work with various insurance companies to provide tailored insurance solutions to clients, including terrorism coverage.

Marsh can help businesses assess their risks and secure appropriate coverage.


Hiscox is a global specialist insurer known for providing customized insurance solutions to businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, they offer terrorism insurance coverage, helping businesses protect their assets and manage the financial consequences of terrorism-related incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in terrorism insurance?

Damaged or destroyed property, such as buildings, equipment, furnishings, and inventory, are covered by a commercial terrorism policy. Moreso, it might likewise cover misfortunes related to the interference of your business. Illegal intimidation protection may likewise cover risk claims against your business related to a psychological oppressor assault.

Can terrorism be insured?

Moreover, misfortunes, expenses, harms, and costs from the demonstrations of psychological oppression are regularly rejected from standard business and property insurance contracts.

Also, consequently, where psychological warfare insurance cover is required, this must either be added on as an expansion or bought as an independent contract.

What qualifies as terrorism?

“The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” is the definition of terrorism in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (28 CFR Section 0.85).

Does travel insurance cover acts of terrorism?

A comprehensive travel insurance policy with terrorism coverage is something that travelers who are concerned about possible terrorist acts should think about. However, in most plans, coverage for terrorist acts is part of the trip cancellation, trip interruption, and travel medical benefits.

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