How to Fix OLED Screen Burn-In – How to Prevent Burn-in on OLED

How to Fix OLED Screen Burn-In. OLED TVs produce exceptionally rich colors and deep blacks, due to the self-lit nature of each pixel. However, OLEDs come with one big drawback: Screen burn-in, which happens to be when an OLED TV’s organic pixels get rendered permanently being unable to display anything Aside from a specific image.

How to Fix OLED Screen Burn-In

How to Fix OLED Screen Burn-In

Burn-in usually occurs when the same image is displayed on a screen for too much time without much or any variation, and it can be caused by an interface element in a video game or a static newsreel on a TV station.

This is quite different from image retention, in the sense that burns in can be permanent, but image retention can be reversed by reducing your TV brightness or activating anti-burn-in features that the devices come with. You can also reverse image retention by just using your TV regularly, as long as it has not gotten to burn it yet.

It is important that you remember that once a burn-in takes place, there is no way to entire reverse it. You might be required to entirely replace your panel or device just to get the problem solved. At best, you can choose to apply some preventive measures to stop it from taking place, to begin with. With that stated, there are some ways that you can prevent the advancing of burn-in right on your OLED display.

How to Prevent Burn-in on An LG OLED TV

Traditionally, LG has led the charge with its C-Series OLED TVs, but those are just as capable of experiencing burn-in as any other variety of television. Modern LG OLED TVs are quite more equipped to handle it, of the array of anti-burn-in features which includes local dimming, ABL  (Automatic Bright Level), and panel refreshing that would prevent your OLED from displaying an image that is too bright for too long.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent burn-in on your OLED. They include setting a timer to turn the TV off when it is not being used. Burn-in is usually caused when TVs are left on for a long time, so simply having it shut off after a few hours can be enough to prevent burn-in. you can choose to set a timer by just navigating to your settings menu, then to General, then some additional settings, then Eco Mode. From this point, you can choose to activate an automatic power-off timer set to whichever interval you like.

How to Prevent Burn-in on Sony OLED TV

Sony would be offering a detailed guide on how you can prevent burn-in on its OLED TVs, but it is not different from a ton of what you would need to do when preventing burn-in on any other modern OLED panel. As with our LG OLED tips, one of the best ways for you to prevent burn-in is by limiting the amount of time your screen is on.

However, Sony has suggested some other tips that can prove to be useful for you. for example, you can choose to activate a screen saver that appears after some set number of minutes of inactivity by heading to settings, then device preferences, then Screen saver. Sony also offers similar refresh and pixel shift features as LG does, and those can always be very useful when it comes to preventing burn-in. finally, you can choose to calibrate your panel so that your screen’s image would get enhanced during dark scenes. Sony suggests that this function can aid in preventing image retention and burn-in.

How to Prevent Burn-in on An OLED Smartphone

Smartphones like the iPhones, generally are making use of AMOLED displays. Like other regular OLED screens, these may also be susceptible to burn-in, however, these are not quite as susceptible when it comes to burn-in as the aforementioned OLED TVs. You can even get away with the regular usage habits on most phones without having to ever experience burn-in. but still, there are some tips that you might want to follow, just to be sure you are on the safe side.

Since Burn-in occurs mostly when a screen is too bright, you might want to put on a dark wallpaper background on your phone. This way, even if the phone does idle, there is less chance for image retention to happen. Also, you can choose to keep your screen brightness lower and opt to make use of full-screen mode when you are viewing video content. Dark themes in web browsers also make a difference, also, you need to set your phone screen to turn off automatically after a set period of time.


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