How to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch

Here I would be giving you details on How to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in sparing your eyes and enabling the dark mode on your Nintendo Switch, there is an alternative you can take advantage of the ‘Basic Black’ theme which is essentially a dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch

How to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch

This is ultimately down to your personal preference, but with dark mode options now present in most places, like Google Chrome, windows 10, and even Xbox Series X, some of the users get to rejoice at the fact it’s possible to enable it on the Nintendo Switch.

Switching on your Nintendo Switch Dark Mode is very easy to do, and you might prefer how the console’s menu and the home screen look as the Basic Black theme would help you make the text a lot clearer, the game box arts punchier, and is a lot more pleasant to make use of if you would be gaming in the night.

Why Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch?

If you have always been a fan of dark mode, the Basic Black theme should tick all the boxes. Menus are a lot easier to go through all thanks to its white font on black backgrounds, and a turquoise accent helps highlight important information.

If you are the type that like gaming at night, then dark mode on the switch is a lot easier on the eyes. There is also the possibility that you could eke out slightly a lot more battery life by making use of the Basic black theme, though the differences will be negligible.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch

Right from the Home Menu, head to “System Settings” which can be located underneath the game titles and looks like a cog wheel icon. Tap the A button, and then scroll down the list of options and the left-hand side of the screen.

At this point, click on “themes” and then select “Basic Black” by pressing the A button again. You should now see a tick beside the theme you chose, and notice a shift from white to black. And with this, you have enabled the dark mode on the Switch.

Are There any Other Nintendo Switch Themes Available?

Unfortunately, there are no other themes. The Nintendo Switch has only ever had a basic white and basic black theme ever since its launch, with many expecting that more would be added over time.

The Nintendo 3DS, for example, has multiple themes, many of which celebrate individual titles for the Nintendo characters. With the Nintendo Switch now well into its fifth year, it is unlikely that Nintendo will have any new themes soon.


How do I Activate Dark Mode?

Also, you can change your display to a dark background by making use of a dark theme or color inversion Dark theme applies to the Android system UI and supported apps. To activate the dark theme, launch your device settings app, select accessibility then under “Color and Motion,” and turn on Dark theme.

Does Switch have a Night Light?

Use the moon icon to the right of “Night Light” to turn the night light on or off. Tap on “Night Light” to access the custom color and brightness controls.

Does Nintendo Switch Have a Dark Mode

Switching on your Nintendo Switch Dark Mode is quite easy, and a lot of people prefer how the console’s menu and the home screen look as the Basic Black theme helps make text clearer, the game art more punchy, and it is a lot more pleasant to use while you are gaming in the night.

Is Dark Mode better for Eyes?

So far, it has been proven that people tend to work better when they are comfortable and they like the details of their job and working making use of a visually amazing display helps. Also, Dark mode emits less blue light, which reduces eye fatigue and blinking (dry eyes), especially in low-light conditions.

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