How to Edit the Profile Cover on An Instagram Video

Are you interested in How to Edit the Profile Cover on An Instagram Video? Instagram is one of the top social media platforms at the moment when it comes to videos and pictures.

How to Edit the Profile Cover on An Instagram Video

And if you go through a lot of users’ profiles you would most likely find pictures and videos on their profiles. The question here is what if you want your video to get a good cover image to display on your profile? Well, there are different ways for you to change that.

Instagram Video Profile Cover

If you are yet to post the video yet, it is very easy for you to choose the exact thumbnail that you would want to use on your profile cover. Alternatively, you can choose to make use of a third-party app to change whatever app that works best for you, but we will showcase one of these apps that can use whatever app works best for you, but one of these apps that you can use to get the job done would be showcased for you.

This would aid you in getting the right thumbnail and having your Instagram profile look the way you want. If you have already published the video, there is no direct way for you to change the cover photo besides deleting and reposting the video once again.

How to Change an Instagram video cover Photo when Posting

The very first option when it comes to changing your Instagram video’s cover photo is when you are posting the content. This method is the simplest method, though you would either need to select a frame from within the video itself or an image that has been added to your smartphone’s camera roll.

  • First, on your Instagram’s main page, tap on the plus icon located at the top right, and then tap on the post.
  • After that, select the video that you want to use to post then tap next found on the top right corner of the app.
  • Set the filter and trim the video if you want, then tap on Next again.
  • Now, tap on the video image that has the cover label and select which part of the video you want to use as its cover. Also, you can choose to tap ‘Add from camera roll’ to select an image on your phone. Once you have made the selection, tap Done.
  • Once you are done with the settings, tap on the blue share icon.

Once you have shared the video to your profile, you would see that its thumbnail is the one you chose. At this point, it cannot be changed by editing in any way unless you are in possession of a business profile with Creator Studio or you are making use of a third-party app.


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