How to Download Daily Mail Online App on Android And iOS Devices

Having the awareness on how to Download Daily Mail Online App is one of the best things that can ever happen to a user. Users love updates, but we find it hard to get updates. There are people who love to get news updates about what is going on in foreign countries and all over the world.

It will be very important to hear what is happening by getting the latest events or updates, especially now when the world is in a lot of confusion. Therefore I will be showing you how to get updates about news, for you to be aware of events taking place.

How to Download Daily Mail Online App

How to Download Daily Mail Online App

Downloading a daily mail app is easy and will be detailed here in this article. But do you where the daily mail is from and also what the platform stands for? Now there are lots of things that you should know about this platform.

Don’t be in a hurry to know how to download the daily mail app without knowing about the platform. If you don’t fully know the platform you might not know how to use it well, so for a better experience, you should continue reading and grab all there is to know about the daily mail.

Daily Mail

The daily mail is a British daily middle-market newspaper that is published in London in a tabloid format. This platform was founded in the year 1896, and it is also the United Kingdom’s third highest-circulation daily newspaper after “Metro” and “The Sun”.

Well, is all about news, by transferring information about what takes place around the world. Now this platform has been known for years now and also has won awards because of the updates it offers to people and I guess you will be one of them soon.

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Daily Mail UK

Now the daily mail platform is mainly based in the UK and gives updates about the UK. Although it is a UK platform it also carries news about other countries. Well, I believe users do not know this, so this will be an opportunity for them to grab this information. Also, you don’t have to be in the UK before you can access this platform, all you need to do is to create an account on the platform. Then you will get all updates online for free.

Daily Mail US

The daily mail also carries news about the US not all about the UK. There are lots of updates that you can get on daily mail about the US when you visit the platform or website. All you have to do as I have said earlier is to create an account on the platform and you will be updated from time to time about the latest events taking place. Also, I believe you will like to know the kinds of news or updates the daily mail offers to users, keep on reading.

Daily Mail News Headlines Online Today

The daily mail has lots of categories when it comes to updates or news. You can get an update about politics, celebrity news, sport news, and lots more. All these categories listed are the categories that daily mail offers to users daily. Now I will reveal to you how you can create an account on the platform with some simple steps.

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Daily Mail Newspaper Subscription

Now to subscribe to this platform is to create an account with them, to be known as a user, and also get the latest updates online. To create this account read below:

  • Go to the website
  • After that then you must now click the “login” button that is among the categories above.
  • After clicking then you must choose how to access the site. You might decide to login with your Facebook account or rather create a new daily mail account by clicking “join now”.
  • A form will now be given to you to fill which will contain details of you.
  • Fill the form correctly and then click the small checkboxes below to agree with their Terms and Conditions.
  • After that then click on “Submit”.
  • Then an email will be sent to your Gmail or email account, just access your Gmail account and then click on the link to verify or confirm your account you have created. Then you will be congratulated and welcomed to your new account.
  • You can now complete your profile on the account.

Above are the steps you must follow to create an account on daily mail online.

Download Daily Mail App

There are two devices that use this app IOS, and Smartphones (Android). So I will be showing how you how to download the app on these two devices below:

For Smartphones (Android):

  • Go to the android play store.
  • Then search for Daily Mail Online.
  • After that when seen click it, then click “install”.

Once you follow all these steps correctly then you will download the app on your android device successfully.

For IOS:

  • Go to your app store.
  • Then search for MailOnline.
  • After that make sure to tap the app when you have found it.
  • Also then click “get”.
  • Then install.

These are the steps that you must follow to download the app on the IOS device.


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