How to Download and Setup Facebook Gaming

How to Download and Setup Facebook Gaming. As the covid 19 pandemics hit the planet, so many people have taken gaming as a hobby, be it on a console or on a mobile phone. Due to this opportunity, Facebook launched its own Gaming App earlier on Android but has now made it available for IOS users. The new app is a competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

How to Download and Setup Facebook Gaming

Facebook has partnered with Microsoft to bring over its Mixer platform’s popular features on the gaming platform. Today, we are going to take a look at an overview of Facebook Gaming.

What is Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming is an exciting platform similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, but with a few more exciting extras especially for Android users. The gaming platform hosts home to a lot of streamers and influencers, and it also allows normal users like us to start live streams and showcase our gameplay.

Other Exciting Features

Streaming is not the most exciting factor, the platform also allows users to join groups centered around particular games they might like. It even has a mini games section, which consists of a lot of interesting and non-time-consuming games like Water Slide, OMG, Ludo Club, and more. You can play these games without having to download any third-party app whatsoever.

Facebook gaming also gives the social touch by enabling chatting features in gaming groups. You can start your own gaming group and play mini games with your group members, these feature does not apply to IOS users.

How to Download and Setup Facebook Gaming

Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for the Facebook Gaming app.

  • Tap on the Install button, and then wait for the app to get downloaded and installed on your smartphone.
  • Open the app from the app icon located inside of your app gallery.
  • The Facebook Gaming splash screen will come up, leading to the login screen.
  • Log in using your Facebook credentials or tap on the “Not on Facebook?” option.
  • Choose your preferred language. (Skippable step).
  • Select the games you would like to follow like PUBGMobile, Mortal Kombat 11, Call of Duty: Mobile, and more. (Skippable step).
  • Follow the streamers you would like to watch on the platform like BBS, H2WO, StoneMountain64, and more. (Skippable step).
  • Tap on done, and your feed will be set up according to the choices you made.

How to Navigate Facebook Gaming App | Facebook Gaming App

Facebook Gaming is quite easy to navigate after you set it up to be curated according to your interests. It consists of the main feed page, accessible from the bottom navigation bar. Your feed will include any videos from the streamers that you follow, live streams, and content from similar streamers.

The mini games provided by the app are tailored to your preference.

At the top of your feed page, you will see options like “Go Live“, ‘Clips‘. ‘following‘. ‘follow games‘ and ‘groups‘ to drive up the engagement. At the bottom navigation bar, there are three other tabs which are explained below.

  • The first tab is mini games, which consists of a tonn of mini games that you can play with your friends or strangers. Moreover, you can also stream these mini-games live for people to see your skills.
  • Suggestions in the third tab. this tab will curate everything that might interest you, from mini-games to new gamers you can follow.
  • The last tab is for messages, wherein you can message your friends or groups about information regarding a game or a stream. Or you can simply have a chat with someone on the platform.

There is a search button on the topmost navigation bar to enable you to search for any specific

content, a notification icon to inform you about new games/content from your followed creators and games, it also consists of a setting icon to help you personalize your profile.

Facebook has provided a platform for people who would like to extend their fun and get a great experience doing it. I suggest you check out the Facebook gaming hub and get all the goodies Facebook has in store for us.


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