How to Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk: How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

Facebook has been around for a very long time, and there’s a good chance that many of us have been using it for years and over those years, made a ton of posts, some of which we probably wish we did not make. Now, you could go back and delete those posts one by one, which can be an incredibly long and tedious process. Thankfully, Facebook seems to understand that some of us want to delete our posts in bulk, and not too long ago released a new tool that lets us do just that.

How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

Facebook launched a new feature called Manage Activity that lets users delete their old posts. It can be used to delete individual posts or in bulk, and Facebook says it will offer filtering options to help find posts with specific people in them or in a certain time range. The feature will come to Facebook’s mobile apps first.

The feature is meant “to make it easy for you to curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today.” As an example, it suggests that someone might want to delete old content when they’re about to start working full time or remove posts that remind them of an old relationship.

There are a couple of different options to remove a post from the timeline. It can be sent to the trash, where it will be removed from public viewing immediately but only permanently deleted 30 days later. (Posts can be manually deleted sooner.) Alternatively, a post can be archived, which means it is no longer public but can still be viewed privately.

How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts

For now, the option to filter and bulk delete Facebook posts is only available on iOS and Android. Below are the following steps on how to bulk delete Facebook posts:

  1. Open Facebook on your iPhone or Android smartphone
  2. Proceed to your profile page by tapping your photo on the Facebook home screen (top left corner)
  3. Now tap the “Go to Activity Log” button (if you don’t see it featured up top, tap the 3-dot icon then Activity Log)
  4. Click on “Manage Activity” at the top then choose Your Posts
  5. You can now select multiple posts to bulk delete or archive
  6. Tap Filters at the top to sort your posts by category, date, or people
  7. Select the posts you would like to remove and tap delete or archive

Twitter is another public platform where you might want to delete your old posts. However, the company has yet to provide an official bulk-delete tool, which has proven to be a problem when old tweets have been dug up in an attempt to discredit or otherwise cause trouble for people.

In the absence of an official tool on Twitter, various third-party tweet deletion services have sprung up. This feature, “Manage Activity”, is Facebook’s latest attempt to give users more control over their data.

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