Wurth Louis Company – Brands Under the Parent Name of Wurth Louis Company

How to Contact Wurth Louis Company. Wurth Louis Company is known to be a leading company that provides quality products to any industry based on woodworking. This company was founded in 1975, its success provided the attraction of the attention of Professor Reinhold Wurth of the Wurth Group- an organization involved in Worldwide distribution that serves the metal, automotive, and wood industries.

Wurth Louis Company

Furthermore, this company continuously prove to be a source for woodworkers, cabinetmakers, and also the designers and architect that specify on their product. However, we will extensively explain more of this Company in this article.

Therefore, if you are in dark about what it entails, it is not hard, you just have to pay rapt attention to this article as its main or major essence is to shed light on it or as said earlier, to explain it extensively.

How to Contact Wurth Louis Company

Various companies with their different ways of customers or purchasers to contact them. However, in this article will be said the ways to contact Wurth Louis Company, so if you know nothing about it before, their means of contact is stated meticulously below here.

They are;

  • The first way is to contact their Email.
  • The second and last way is to contact through Phone Number.

If the above ways of contacting them are followed and used very well, it will prevent you from the problem of going through the unnecessary stress of going to the company headquarter or branches directly.

What is the Headquarters of Wurth Louis Company?

In this section of the article, the headquarters of Wurth Louis Company will be given, thus it is stated below;

The Headquarters is located in Brea, California, as it was said this company is the leading provider of shop supply, surfacing, hardware, woodworking machinery, and coating products.

Moreover, in simple terms or sentences, it is the largest trading company in the world that deals with assembly technology and fasteners which involves itself in 84 countries out of the 410 countries in the world.

Brands Under the Parent Name of Wurth Louis Company

This company has many brands under its name such as the likes of Facebook which is under the parent name of Metaverse, therefore, in this section of the article, the name of the leading brands under it will be given, thus, they are stated below.

They are;

  • First one: Blum Brand.
  • Second one: Knape and Vogt.
  • Third one: Doellken Woodtape.
  • Fourth one:
  • Fifth one: ML Campbell.

And many more brands are under the parent name of Wurth Louis Company.

Benefits Of Wurth Louis Company

There are so many benefits pertaining to making trades or business with Wurth Louis Company. However some of it will be given in this section of the article, thus they are started below.

They are;

  • There’s only one source for all the products they use, want, and need, hence, making them accountable for any action or product produced.
  • They provide excellent services.
  • They produce fine quality products.

And a lot more…

Thus, haven explained what Wurth Louis Company entails, it should give you a proper understanding and knowledge about it.


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