How to Consolidate Debt with Low Credit Score

How to consolidate debt with a low credit score – consolidating your debt with a low credit score is quite possible but difficult. If your FICO credit score is below 580 managing your finances with debt consolidation might be a bit difficult, as we said before.

How to Consolidate Debt with Low Credit Score
How to Consolidate Debt with Low Credit Score

However, if you have fair or better credit and also get approved for a debt consolidation loan, it can be an easy way to lower your monthly payments. Notwithstanding, as we continue with this content, we will be giving you possible ways to consolidate debt with low credit scores.

How to Consolidate Debt with Low Credit Score

Debt consolidation is the combination of multiple debts into one payment. Ideally, a lower interest rate, would help you pay down your debt faster and also lower your monthly payment. Furthermore, you will be able to save up money on interest over time. Below are ways to get consolidate debt with a low credit score:

  • First, you will have to check your credit score.
  • Next, you must research lenders in your credit band that can offer loans at a low-interest rate.
  • Apply for pre-approval.
  • Formally apply for the loan you want.
  • Lastly, use the loan funds to pay off other debts you owe when approved and given to you.

With the above, the process you can be able to consolidate debt on low or bad credit scores.

Where can I Get a Consolidation Loan with Bad Credit?

Well, you can get a consolidation loan anywhere (financial institution), however, some places are better than others. While some you have to certainly stay away from. Hence, mainstream lenders are known to be the best place to stick with, but probably are the pickiest about qualifying. Below are listed places to lend from:

Banks and Credit Unions

Banks are known as commercial lenders who are not interested in debt consolidation loans. Hence, you might be a loyal customer but be prepared for rejection.

On the other hand, credit unions are non-profits organization whose customers are also their owners. They are more flexible than banks because their main aim is to take care of members.

Banks and credit unions, however, have the same risk-based lending models that charge high interest to low credit score borrowers. Hence, the lower your score, the more interested you will be exposed to paying.

Online Debt Consolidation Lenders

Several online debt consolidation lenders are responsible for offering debt consolidation to interested applicants. These businesses will help pay off your debt with a consolidation loan and you will make a fixed payment to them at the aggreged period.

Just like banks, online debt consolidation lenders, work with a risk model to decide if to accept you as a customer and how much interest to charge. However, on normal ground, they usually offer several options for consolidation with a bad credit history.

Payday Lenders

This type of lender makes short-term loans at a high-interest rate of over 399% APR. This can not be compared to what you pay on your credit card and also the 10% to 18% you pay on the debt consolidation loan. Hence, its high interest could make you owe more than what you have borrowed, which could not be your desire.

Ways to Get a Debit Consolidation Loan with Bad Credit

Here are ways you can get your debt consolidation loan with bad credit:

  • First, you have to improve your credit score by paying your bills on time.
  • Then, keep the amount you spend with a credit card under 30% of the limit.
  • You should not sign up for a new credit card if you have one already.
  • Next, you have to work on your debt-to-income ratio. Well, this is an easy way to pay off any debt you can afford.
  • Look for debt consolidation loans where lenders consider factors other than credit score. Let most of their consideration be on job history, income and also on education.
  • Lastly, you should get a family member or friend to consign the loan for you.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

A debt consolidation loan is one amazing way to refinance your debt. Hence, putting all multiple in one payment. Well, this simply means, you can pay for all your debt by making a single payment. You will apply for a loan for the amount you owe on your existing debt, and if approved, you will use the funds to pay off your debt balance. Then, you will pay down the new loan over time.

What Kind of Bills Can I Consolidate?

You can consolidate bills like credit card debt, medical bills, auto loans and other household debt. If you are using a bill consolidation loan to consolidate debt, you can use the money from your new personal loan to pay off various types of debt out of the one listed above. Hence, you will then make an instalment loan payment each month to pay to offer your loan.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Debt Consolidation?

Well, a consolidation loan, simply takes 30 to 45 days to gain approval. However, federal loans usually take months. Notwithstanding, the number of days varies from lender to lender. Hence, you should get a proper awareness of the process before involvement.

How Do I Put all my Debt into One?

A debt consolidation loan is a type of loan that is used to combine all your existing debt into one payout. Hence, all you will need to do is to apply for a loan for the amount you owe in existing debt and if approved, you can use the funds to pay off your other loan.



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