How to Clear the Cache on Xbox Series X – Xbox Series X Settings Menu

Are you interested in How to Clear the Cache on Xbox Series X. Currently, the Xbox Series X happens to be among the most popular gaming consoles available on the market currently?

How to Clear the Cache on Xbox Series X

While users around the world are enjoying their favorite titles like “Assassin’s creed Valhalla” and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” on the console sides, Microsoft keeps on improving the software through updates. Like a lot of gaming PCs, The Xbox Series X is quick and very responsive, at least in the beginning, offering gamers a fairly seamless experience.

How to Clear the Cache on Xbox Series X

Well, with time, and as you continue to play more and more games on the console, it can slow down due to the cache increasing in size. Some gamers might even get a notification stating that they would need to address the storage on their Xbox Series X in order to carry on with loading games.

In such a situation, clearing the cache is the best option. While there is no straightforward button that you can press to do that, there are three different ways in which you clear your Xbox Series X’s cache.

Xbox Series X Cache Issue

A modern-day gaming console like the Xbox Series X is behind the stylized casing which is very similar to a computer, with a powerful graphics processing unit and on-device storage. Just like a computer store some details in its cache for accessing it much faster, then, so too does the Xbox Series X.

Generally, that can include data concerning games, user profiles, and other information that might be useful while loading a particular title; however, as you keep on playing more games on your console, that process would eventually fill up the cache completely. With a full cache on your Xbox series X, you would notice a reduction in performance. And while some of the data in the cache might be useful, there is a great chance that it would contain some redundant information.

Restarting the Console

When it comes to computers and smartphones, prolonged use of your Xbox can impact its efficiency and game loading times. If you are someone that does not switch off their Xbox series X, restarting the console might offer it the break it needs. Also, it has the benefits of clearing the cache and refreshing the console’s memory.

  • Press on the Xbox button located at the center of the controller
  • After that, scroll to the right and open ‘Profile and System’
  • Here, locate the ‘power’ option and after that switch off the console
  • Once the console has been switched off, unplug its cable straight from the power source and keep it disconnected for some minutes.
  • Plug back the console into the power source, and then switch it on by pushing the power button

Once the cache has been cleared, you should notice the difference in the load time of your console, which would reduce once the cache has been cleared.

Xbox Series X Settings Menu

The easiest way to clear the cache on the Xbox Series X is for you to wipe the device’s Persistent Storage. Some Blu-ray discs download related content, which is used to execute game-related processes: they that in the persistent storage, which can be considered the cache. Microsoft Suggests that users might need it when it comes to clearing persistent storage so that they can use related content from other discs.

  • First, press on the Xbox Symbol located at the center of the controller to launch the Home Menu
  • Scroll down the page, and to the right to launch the ‘Profile and System’ options
  • Scroll down the page and then select ‘Settings’ using the controller
  • In the menu that launches, scroll and then select ‘Devices and connections’
  • Out of the seven options that pops up, on the right side of the display, choose “blu-ray”
  • After that, Select ‘persistent storage’ and in the following menu, ‘clear persistent storage’

These two steps should be useful to you when it comes to How to Clear the Cache on Xbox Series X.


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