How to Cancel BeenVerified – A Detailed Guide on How to Cancel Your Subscription

Are you an active BeenVerified subscriber and yet do not know how to cancel it (BeenVerified)? It is easy and in this post everything you need including the steps needed in canceling a BeenVerified subscription will be shared with you.

How to Cancel BeenVerified

How to Cancel BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a portal that allows people to get access to gathered public records. This company and portal are based in New York. And with BeenVerified you no longer have to stress yourself and go from one company to another in getting access to certain addresses and forms.

Whatever type of public record you need, BeenVerified has got access to almost all if not all. The platform is a very popular one for its services as it is one of the best in what it does. The platform even has been featured in various publications both locally and internationally such as TechCrunch.

The platform only makes available to people public records, it is however quite helpful to people who are not used to technology. The platform also makes it easier in the work of collecting and collating various kinds of information from other companies.

Features of BeenVerified

One thing I love about BeenVerified is that all searches made on the platform is anonymous. Some of the top features of the platform include;

  • Reverse address lookup
  • People searchability
  • Email and reverse phone lookup
  • Multi-device accessibility feature
  • Lastly, the platform saves your history so you can easily access them whenever you want.

That’s it!

BeenVerified Plans and Pricing

the platform however is not free. For you to make use of the services of BeenVerified you will first need to purchase a plan or subscription. BeenVerified does not charge users for every search on the platform contrary to what many people actually think about it.

The plans of BeenVerified are based on monthly and quarterly subscriptions. Both of the subscription plans on the platform however offer the same features to a user as they both give unlimited background and search reports. Purchasing the 3-month quarterly plan however offers the user 35% savings, unlike the monthly plan.

Pros and Cons of BeenVerified

The platform is one that is hardly faulty. It is however noted that the platform only collects public information, but is still contains data from various other sources such as financial institutions, the FBI, courthouses, and others.


  • Easy to use
  • A simple search on the platform returns comprehensive and detailed reports
  • It has straightforward pricing and plan
  • It has an excellent customer service support
  • Each of its membership plans comes with lots of benefits to its users
  • Its mobile applications are top-notch


  • Information provided on individual persons are not always updated therefore it may not be accurate
  • Search results on the platform sometimes take long to compile

That’s it.

How to Cancel Your BeenVerified Subscription

An active account on BeenVerified normally allows you to access the information you need on your mobile device when you are on the go and on the web.

If you however choose to cancel your membership subscription, you can cancel your account anytime you choose by contacting the platform’s customer service or by sending an email message to their support.


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