How to Apply For IFCN Education Scholarships For Young Clinical Neurophysiologists 2022 – Africa & Developing Countries

Application for the How To Apply For IFCN Education Scholarships For Young Clinical Neurophysiologists 2022 is open. The IFCN is happy to announce about 3 education scholarships and 3 research scholarships for Young Clinical Neurophysiologists.

How to Apply For IFCN Education Scholarships For Young Clinical Neurophysiologists 2022

About the IFCN Education Scholarships

IFCN is the short form for the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology, the organization is pleased to announce the availability of the IFCN Education Scholarships for the 2022 set. Recipients will be awarded support training in neurophysiology for those with no access to similar training in their home country.

The scholarship comes with a mouth-watering maximum award of $24,000 for each fellowship for one year, with proportionately less for shorter fellowships.

Key Details of IFCN Education Scholarships

  • Scholarship Application Deadline: 15th July 2022
  • Eligible Countries: Applicants from Africa and developing countries.
  • To Be Taken At (Country): Canada
  • Type of programme: Training, Research
  • Number of Scholarship: Six (three for each scholarship mentioned above)
  • IFCN Education Scholarships Value: The $25,000 mentioned above is both for the education and research scholarships
  • Duration of programme: One Year

How To Apply For IFCN Education Scholarships

In applying for IFCN Education Scholarships, Please note that you are required to complete one of the following application forms:

  • IFCN Education Fellowship application form (for all applicants) and
  • IFCN Africa for Africans Awards (Applicants from Africa applying for training at an African center)
  • You will be required to enter the following proofs in the application forms:

Evidence of relevant medical training

A passport or other government-issued ID

Letter of recommendation from the home institution

A copy of an acceptance letter from the host institution supervisor/mentor

A Certificate of membership in an IFCN member society, or the International Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ICNS) for members from non-affiliated countries

  • Application and documents must be submitted I’m English and the death should be taken note of
  • Ensure that you feel the forms correctly, and send your application and additional materials to the Secretariat of the IFCN via email at

Eligibility Criteria for IFCN Education Scholarships

  • To be eligible, an Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years in core medical training such as neurology, rehabilitation medicine, and clinical neurophysiology, these trainings are mostly preferred
  • The applicant must desire to return to their country after the period of fellowship
  • No age limits to this scholarship

The Scope and Time Frame of Training:

  • All Applicants are encouraged to identify training centers within their own Chapter when possible
  • The minimum duration of training is 3 months with a maximum of 1 year
  • Candidates are required to make contact with the education mentor themselves and obtain permission for the fellowship.
  • The selection of Candidates is solely the responsibility of the IFCN Education Committee
  • The decision will be communicated to Applicants by 15 August 2022.

Successful candidates are expected to fulfill the following obligations:

  • Arrange a date for the fellowship with the host institution. Usually, fellowships is started within one year of receiving the award.
  • In the case of any interruptions, exceptions will be considered.
  • When the fellowship ends, the successful candidate must provide a report within a month of completion and at one year
  • The successful applicant is expected to provide future plans of how they will contribute to IFCN and their field.


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