How to Add TikTok Filters and Effects

The Tiktok app was built with some amazing Video Filters and effects that you can choose to add after or during a recording. This content would explain how you can get more filters and effects on your TikTok and add text to a TikTok Video.

How to Add TikTok Filters and Effects

TikTok has created a video editing platform to make users and content creators create videos much easier. All the tools on TikTok have proven to be very useful so far judging by the content its users create. Well, this content would cover most of the details involved in how to properly make use of the TikTok app very well.

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How to Add Filters to a TikTok Video

While TikTok Effects are used to create dynamic or creative visuals, TikTok filters are used to in creating a more subtle change and function in a similar way as photo filters available on Instagram.

  • First, tap on the “Plus” icon located in the center of the bottom menu
  • Tap on the “record” icon to record a new video, or you can choose to tap “upload” to make use of a clip that is saved on your device.
  • Tap on the filter located in the upper-right corner of the vertical menu. This menu might be hard for you to see if your video has tons of white.
  • Tons of filters pop up alongside the bottom of the screen. Then tap on one of the filters to view a live preview of it on your video. Drag the white dot in other to decrease or increase the intensity of the TikTok video filter. Once your TikTok video is now looking just how you want it to look, tap it to close the filters menu.
  • Carryout any other edits that you would want and then tap on “Next”
  • After that, you can finish by entering the right information and selecting the settings that you want, then tap “post” in other to publish your video.

How to Add Text to a TikTok Video

Adding text to a video is quite straightforward and is done in a much similar way to how you add text to an Instagram story.

  • First tap on the Plus (+) icon located at the bottom menu
  • Then tap on the record icon to create a new video, or you can tap on upload to upload an existing clip from your device
  • Then from the lower menu, tap “Text”
  • A Keyboard would appear in addition to several types of format options. First, enter your message.
  • Select the font style and color right from the menu above the keyboard. Tap the “A” icon in other to add a color outline around your text. Then tap on the icon with the lines to select an alignment preference.
  • Tap “done”
  • Using your two fingers, you can resize, rotate and move your text to get it where you want. Try making any other changes that you would like to use, then tap on “Next”
  • Then finally, make the usual choices, then enter a description that carries hashtags, and then tap “Post” in other to publish your TikTok Video.

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How to Add Effects to a TikTok Video

TikTok effects are used mainly by both casual users and popular social media influencers in other to make their videos a lot more engaging and even more entertaining. Also, you get to add your photos and your videos. Here is how you can add to video effects on TikTok.

  • First tap on the plus icon located at the center of the bottom menu
  • Then tap on the red record icon to record a new video, or tap on upload to upload an existing clip straight from your device.
  • Tap on the effects from the lower menu
  • Then The TikTok app would show you a live preview of your video carrying a timeline underneath it. Drag the white marker to where you would like an effect to commence.
  • The effect available appears as a circle icon underneath the timeline. Swipe left or right to browse right through the list. Once you locate an effect you would want to try, type in a long tap on its icon in other to apply it
  • The default effect category remains visual. In other to view effects from other categories, tap on the category name that is under the circles.
  • Tap on the “play” button to play the video back. If the result does not, please you, tap the arrow icon under the timeline to have it undone.
  • Repeat quite as many effects as you would like in other parts of your video or you can even choose to tap on the existing ones. When you are ready, tap on “Save”.
  • Make sure to make any other changes that you would want and then tap “Next”
  • Enter a great description, then choose your hashtags and settings, and then tap Post. Your TikTok video would go live with the effects that you can select.

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How Do I Search TikTok Effects?

Once you choose to film a video, you can just choose to click on the effects card on the right side of your screen. From that point, you would be able to search and make use of effects.

How Do I Add a Link to a TikTok Bio?

In other to do this, you would need a TikTok business account to be able to add a link to your bio. To add the link, tap on the “Me” tab and then “edit profile” > “Add your website”. Enter your website or the link in the “website” box and finally tap “Save”

Why are Some TikTok Effects Not Available?

You can try to clean out the cache memory on your Phone. But sometimes it might be that the app is glitching and that you would be required to uninstall and install the software again. This should help you with fixing your TikTok effects.

How Do I Add my own Sound to TikTok?

To add your own sound on TikTok make use of a voiceover, then select the plus sign in the bottom center, and then record or select your video, and choose “Next” > “Voiceover”. Prepare your audio and then select “record” to “record” the audio over your video. You can choose to also use a video editing app in other to insert sound clips straight into your video.

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