How the Facebook Dating Works – Is Facebook Dating Any Good | How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is On Facebook Dating

Speaking of How the Facebook Dating Works, the dating platform, simply known as “Facebook Dating,” is designed to help the users on Facebook find partners through the things that they have in common things as their interests, events, and groups. Those who want to opt-in to the service, which has a dedicated space in the Facebook app, will have to set a Facebook dating profile.

How the Facebook Dating Works

This Facebook dating feature is quite similar to that of Tinder and Bumble in that you will not be able to message other users until you both express interest in each other. The app will also not suggest any of your Facebook friends.

Likewise, your dating profile will not be made visible to your friends who are also using the feature. But, friends can still add each other to their secret crushes list, so you could match with a friend if they have a crush on you too.

How the Facebook Dating Works

The Facebook Dating app lives within the Facebook app, but to use it you will have to set up a separate profile from you the main Facebook app. The only information carried over is your name and age. The service will present you with potential matches based on your location, indicated preferences, and other factors.

You can also choose to match with people who are attending the same Facebook events or are part of the same Facebook group as you. One thing it won’t show you are the existing friends on your Facebook account. This is because the option is always turned off by default.

Can Your Friends See You on Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating doesn’t show users their Facebook friends, and also enables you to remove friends of friends from your potential matches. You are also free to block specific persons on your Facebook from seeing your dating profile. So you don’t have to worry as your Facebook dating life will always be kept private.

How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is On Facebook Dating

So you want to know if your boyfriend is on Facebook dating, that’s easy. There’s a thing called “Secret Crush” where you can add up to nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to the list, and if they secretly crush you back, you will both get notified and be matched. But take note that the tool only works if both parties have set up Facebook Dating profiles.

Is Facebook Dating Any Good

In my own opinion, I really don’t see anything wrong with Facebook dating, it’s a good app for dating. The best part of the Facebook Dating apps is that it’s completely free with matching and messaging features. It doesn’t have any hidden fees or subscriptions. The dating service is 100% free from start to finish.

What Happens When You Like Someone on Facebook Dating

Once you have selected someone as your crush, they will receive a notification that someone has a crush on them but that is only if they opted into Dating. You can add up to nine crushes as I earlier said and remove people whenever you want to. The feature Secret Crush is not new to the world of online dating.

How to Use Facebook Dating

Below are the guidelines to making use of Facebook dating;

  • Tap on the heart on the profile of the user to let them know you like them, or tap the X to pass. If they like you back, you can both start a conversation.
  • If someone else likes your profile, you will get a notification. Tap on the heart of their profile to like them back so that you will be able to send a direct message.
  • You can also view your matches and conversations by tapping Matches at the top of the app.
  • Then scroll to the bottom of your profile and tap on Answer a Question to answer the random questions that will enable Facebook to improve your match suggestions.
  • You can be able to add photos and share your Instagram posts at the bottom of the profile page.

Above are the steps you use the Facebook dating app without any issues. For further inquiries, you can tap here.


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