How technology is changing the way we love

Technology has gone so far changing our world in improving relationships. Even if you are at the far end of the world, you can still communicate with your loved ones. This is one of the ways on how technology is changing the way we love. Technology has made so many relationships stronger than they would have imagined bringing them closer to their loved ones.

How technology is changing the way we love

Also, technology has made great changes in the way we date. With the widespread use of smartphones, communication has to be a lot easier. Having the social media on board, people now get to know much about themselves before they meet in person. Moreover, based on research done by the University of Missouri shows that 88% of couples who are far from each other do a lot of texting on a daily basis.

How technology is changing the way we love dating

Dating can be so romantic and technology has decided to spice it up. Gone are those days when blind dating was a trend. Now, with the effect of social media, dating has never been this interesting.

The dating game is just evolving; with social media like Facebook dating where you could get matched with someone that has the same interest, likes, and much more details as you. Through this technique, makes it easier to relate with the person if it’s of your interest.

This is where the dating apps come in as they really made a great change in how we love dating as a result of advances in technology. The dating apps make it easier to find partners that are of our own interest.

It doesn’t matter your skin color, race, or homosexuality, there is always someone on the platform that fits into your lifestyle. Although, you are likely to get rejections from people which is normal. Well, what you do is to look for another match.

There are lots of dating platforms out there like Tinder, Facebook dating, Bumble, Hinge, and lots more. Through these platforms, you can search for singles who are in for a date in your area with ease.

Although, they have starting prices which do range from $9 to $60 in a month. Nonetheless, there are still dating platforms that are absolutely free. Now, sexting through dating apps even other social media has become a trend as sex photos and sexually suggested messages are being sent through phones adding sparks to relationships.

Impartation of technology on our intimate lives

Technology has created a romantic atmosphere of closeness and openness between couples who might be far from each other thereby improving intimacy. With the advent of social media, you are just a click away from your loved ones. Simply type in the romantic words and click on that button and your dearie would feel the love you have.

Due to the impartation of this technology, we are able to express love based on our preference as there are so many options to give and express love. Is it through sexting, video calling, or voice notes? Just name it.

Even in the time of conflicts between partners, it has shown its impact; research studies have proved this. So, there should be no excuse to reach out to our loved ones as technology has made it easy and simple. More research can be done on Google.


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