How Many Papers Are There in CPT Exams?

Before we head right into how many papers are there in CPT exams, first we need to be aware of what the exam is about. Today, there are tons of exams that people need to write and many of them are not just for graduating from an intuition. Well, one of the Exams is the CPT exam.

How Many Papers Are There in CPT Exams

How Many Papers Are There in CPT Exams – What is CPT Exam

CPT or Common Proficiency Test was the very first level of Chartered Accountancy examinations in India that has been changed to a CA Foundation as stated by ICAI’s revised scheme.

This exam is recognized as the gateway into the profession of Chartered Accountancy. And in December of 2016, a total of 70321 students appeared with a pass percentage of about 46.44%.

For a person to be eligible and able to register for the CPT right after completing Grade 10 and taking the exam after completing their High School and completing their graduation for commerce.

How Many Papers Are There in CPT Exams?

Well to the main reason for this article, how many Papers are there in CPT Exams? Well, this question has been answered so many times by a lot of blogs. CPT exams have only 4 Subjects, making it only 4 Papers.

CPT has 4 subjects in their exam Syllabus and those four subjects include:

CA CPT exam has 2 sessions and it’s Session I and Session II. In the session I, The fundamentals of accounting and Mercantile Law for 100 marks, and in session II. In Session I, the exam is expected to include subjects of the Fundamentals of accounting and Mercantile Law for 100 marks and in session II, the Exam includes subjects of General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude (Maths) for 100 marks.

CA CPT Exam Syllabus

Just as previously stated, the CPT syllabus includes fundamentals of accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Session I

Section AFundamentals of Accounting60 Marks
Section BMercantile Law40 Marks


Session II

Section CGeneral Economics50 Marks
Section DQuantitative Aptitude50 Marks

CA CPT would be offering a CA CPT Exam Syllabus in PDF format. All candidates are expected to secure a minimum of 30 percent marks in each of the sections and a minimum of 50 percent marks in an aggregate in all the different sections to pass the common Proficiency test.

In other words, it remains clarified that if a candidate secures around a minimum of 50 percent marks in the aggregate, but fails for you to secure the minimum marks required for any one or more of the sections A, B, C, or D as stated above, this result would be failing.

Similarly, if a candidate secures at least 30 percent marks in each of the sections but fails to secure around 50 percent marks in aggregate of all sections his result would fail.

Minimum Passing Marks for CPT

SectionSubjectMaximum MarksMinimum Marks
AFundamentals of Accounting6018
BMercantile Law4012
CGeneral Economics5015
DQuantitative Aptitude5015

Get more information if you want an explanation concerning the CPT Minimum Marks with examples


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