How Is E-Commerce App Development Important for A Business

Why is It important to have an application for eCommerce? How Is E-Commerce App Development Important for A Business? Take a look at our reasons in this article. The world is getting digital and digitalization is encroaching on the business world. One of the implications of this encroachment is the usage of Mobile Apps for eCommerce.

How Is E-Commerce App Development Important for A Business

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How Is E-Commerce App Development Important for A Business

Using Mobile Apps Ecommerce is one of the huge blessings that the business world has encountered. The statistics supporting the success of this development are amazing. Some of them are;

  • About 35% of customers in the United States use their mobile devices to buy items online.
  • While shopping in-store, customers in the United States compare prices with their phones
  • In the year 2021, about 72.9% of eCommerce sales are likely to be generated through mobile phones.
  • A huge 78% of users prefer to access a store through the usage of mobile applications despite the existence of websites
  • 50% of the revenue of eCommerce stores is generated by just 10% of its customers.

E-Commerce Mobile App Benefits for Business

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to have a Mobile App for your eCommerce business. Here are some of the reasons why users shop more through e-commerce platforms;

It Helps to Increase Brand Recognition

This is one of the major reasons why eCommerce app development has increased in the past few years. it has been known to increase brand visibility.

With eCommerce platforms, brands find a very easy way to connect with their customers. Statistics show that customers spend more time with mobile apps than with websites.

Your app must provide the best user experience to avoid being eliminated or blacklisted by your users or customers.

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Improved Marketing Communication

With the help of gadgets, customers can stay connected with brands 24/7. With such devices, customers have improved ways of interacting with brands, getting information, and shopping. More customers prefer using mobile applications to shop.

Therefore, businesses need to include these devices in their marketing approaches.  This will improve the way of interactions between brands and customers.

Apart from helping customers stay connected, apps help brands to provide steady involvement.

Improved Customer Experience

All customers want an enjoyable and personalized experience all through their journey with brands. With the usage of websites only, all these will not be possible. if you want your customers to be repetitive, it is advisable to go for mobile to make this possible.

Also, with the combination, of emerging technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc, you will be able to collect valuable insights related to your users such as;

  • The likes and dislikes of your customers
  • The time your customers prefer buying online
  • How much time do they take to make buying decisions?

When you have gotten all these answers, you will be capable of offering your customers an optimized shopping experience to increase sales.

Improved visitors’ Engagement

With these apps, you can also take advantage of your customer’s devices. You can integrate the features of the phones of your users to simplify navigation and increase their engagement.

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This permits an application to get the current location of a user. It eliminates the requirement of feeding shipping details manually.


With this tool, one can take advantage of the ability of a user to take pictures. With this, you can have more insights into the needs or wants of your users or customers.


With this, you can encourage your users to verbalize what they are looking for to ease the search process.

Higher Conversion Rate

Without doubts, eCommerce platforms help to increase conversion rates and in the long run, increase revenue.

Here are some reasons why this is possible;

  • Some features like push notifications also help in conversations with customers ‘
  • It saves all the information of customers such as their payment and shipping details for easy checkouts
  • Apps use features of devices such as cameras during order placement actions
  • Ecommerce apps integrate mobile wallet applications to make the checkout process a one-step process.

Increase the Value of your Order

it is also true that eCommerce apps motivate customers to spend more money when shopping from your platform. Here are a few features that help make this possible;

Push Notification

Just as we have discussed above, this feature notifies users about special discounts, sales, deals, and the availability of products and services

Easy Payments

If your app has various options for payments that allow customers to add the card they want for fast transactions, it should be a favorite among customers

One Click Ordering

With the layout of an app being very simple and easy, checkouts can be made easier

Reduces Cart Abandonment Rates

From records, it had been concluded or discovered that mobile apps have lower cart abandonment rates because of their simple checkout process.

Most times, the app stores shipping and payment details that permit the users to checkout with just one click. This allows customers to complete their checkouts faster without distractions.

They Offer Personalized Shopping Experiences to Customers

With mobile apps, you can include related suggestions and prioritize features to provide your customized personalized shopping experience. You can also take advantage of the information that customers offer in the application.

They Increase Customer Loyalty

When customers spend more time with your application, they are more convinced to make purchasing decisions. The following are a few ways you can use to boost the loyalty of your customers with your eCommerce application;

  • Maintain a constant value by using a very appealing layout design on a mobile platform so that your customers may become habitual to it
  • Help your customers revisit by conducting loyalty programs, such as offers, discounts, a new collection, sales, and bonuses.
  • Maintain constant communication support between your brand and consumers to resolve their queries through chatbots or live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is App Development Important for Business?

With mobile applications, businesses can easily interact with their customers and build seamless and persistent connections and relationships with them.

Why Are Ecommerce Apps Important?

They are very important because, with them, customer loyalty is known to increase. When you have an eCommerce application, your chances of having your customers participate in strategies like discounts, and promotions will increase.

Why Do Companies Make You Download Apps?

Companies want you to download their apps because they want to keep you updated with their business information and the latest news. Apps are great ways that users can communicate with their company without having to know various contact information of their company.

What Are the Time and Costs of An E-Commerce Mobile App Development?

Developing an eCommerce mobile app is not a very easy thing to do, all the projects here are unique in their way because has their requirements, goals, and budgets. The development cost usually depends on a lot of factors like the complexity of the software needed, the features of the application, the team involved, and the deadlines.


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