How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant: Common Signs of Pregnancy

How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant – The signs of an early pregnancy actually vary from woman to woman which implies that it is not always the same. Every woman has different experiences when it comes to being pregnant.

Some women get to suspect that they are pregnant within the first few days of their pregnancy while will not notice anything until they realize that their period is missing and there is also the category of women who do not even suspect they are pregnant until months after they have conceived.

How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant

How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant

Taking a pregnancy test is the best and most reliable way for you to know that you are pregnant but of course, there are other ways you can find this out. In this article, I will be putting through some answers to the question asked by some women “How do I know if I’m pregnant?”. You can read ahead to know more about how to know if you have become pregnant or not.

Common Signs of Pregnancy

There are different early pregnancy signs that a woman can experience. Not all women will have all these signs and symptoms, some may experience all and some will experience one or two of the signs we will be giving you below.

This is because pregnancy symptoms are always varying from woman to woman so it’s better to focus on you alone and not compare yourself with the pregnant woman besides because your pregnancy symptom is most likely going to vary. These are some of the common signs that will let you know you are pregnant:

  • Missing period: This is the most common and reliable sign that you are pregnant. Once you get sexually involved and you conceive, ovulation stops, and the lining of your uterus begins to shed, this occurs as a result of hormones produced by your body. This simply implies that your menstrual cycle has stopped until after you give birth to the child. However, missing your period is not a constant sign of pregnancy, it is just the most common sign, and there can be various other reasons for a woman to miss her period which includes hormone imbalances, dieting, and stress, and so on.
  • Frequent Urination: This is another sign of pregnancy, when you are pregnant; you will discover that the rate at which you urinate increases drastically. This occurs as a result of the increase of your blood supply because of the pregnancy. Your blood is filtered by your kidneys and the extra waste is removed from your body as urine.
  • Excess Fatigue: You tend to get more easily tired when you are in your early stage of pregnancy. This happens because of the high level of the hormone progesterone in your body. It tends to reduce during the second trimester for most women and comes back in the third trimester in most cases.
  • Morning sickness (Nausea): This can occur in the day or night but mostly in the morning. You can have nausea and also vomit and you can also have nausea without vomiting, it varies from woman to woman.
  • Sore and enlarging breasts: Your breasts become tender during pregnancy and soreness is similar to the way it feels before a period, but it is always sorer.

These are some of the pregnancy signs you will begin to notice in your body during the early period of your conception.


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