How Costco can save you Money on your Car Ownership

Owning a car is a significant investment, with expenses ranging from the initial purchase price to ongoing maintenance, fuel, and insurance costs. Keeping these costs in check can be a challenge, but Costco provides its members with a variety of automotive services and discounts that can help alleviate the financial burden of car ownership.

How Costco Can Save You Money on Your Car Ownership

By taking advantage of these offerings, Costco members can enjoy substantial savings while maintaining the reliability and safety of their vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exclusive member pricing and incentives on new and pre-owned vehicles
  • Competitive tire replacement services with added benefits
  • Discounted auto insurance rates and additional coverage
  • Consistently lower gas prices compared to competitors
  • Member-exclusive rental car discounts and fee waivers
  • Savings on car repairs, maintenance, and automotive accessories
  • Bulk discounts on batteries, motor oil, and other fluids

How Costco Can Save Your Money on Your Car Ownership

When it comes to saving money, Costco is a household name, renowned for its bulk groceries and household items at discounted prices. However, savvy shoppers can also leverage their Costco membership to save big on car ownership costs – an often overlooked advantage. From purchasing a vehicle to routine maintenance and insurance, Costco offers a range of money-saving opportunities for car owners.

Buying a Car

One of the most significant expenses associated with car ownership is the initial purchase price. Costco’s Auto Program offers members exclusive pricing and incentives on new and pre-owned vehicles from various manufacturers. Through partnerships with over 3,000 dealerships nationwide, Costco negotiates discounted pricing and limited-time vehicle specials for its members.

For example, as of mid-May 2024, Costco is offering a $1,000 member-only incentive on the purchase of select 2024 or 2025 Volvo SUVs, hybrid-electric vehicles, and luxury electric vehicles. Additionally, members can take advantage of a $1,000 incentive on select Cadillac or Chevrolet models and a $2,000 incentive on Polestar 2’s luxury electric vehicle.

So leveraging Costco’s buying power and pre-arranged discounts, members can potentially save thousands of dollars on their next vehicle purchase, while also avoiding the hassle of negotiating at the dealership.

Tire Replacement and Services

Tire maintenance is an essential aspect of car ownership, and Costco offers competitive pricing on tire replacement services compared to other retailers. In addition to competitive pricing, Costco’s tire services come with several added benefits, including:

  • Free Installation
  • Five years of road hazard protection
  • Free tire balancing
  • Flat tire repairs
  • Lifetime rotation, balancing, and inflation checks

These complementary services not only provide convenience but also contribute to the overall savings for Costco members, ensuring their tires remain in optimal condition throughout their lifespan.

Auto Insurance

In partnership with CONNECT by American Family Insurance, Costco offers its members discounted auto insurance rates. According to Costco’s data, members who switched their auto coverage saved an average of $595.86 in premiums during the first year they made the change.

Additionally, Costco Executive members enjoy additional benefits, such as roadside assistance and lifetime policy renewability. Members can secure quality auto insurance coverage at a fraction of the cost by leveraging Costco’s collective buying power and negotiated rates.

Gas Savings

One of the most well-known advantages of being a Costco member is access to discounted gas prices. Costco’s gas stations consistently offer lower prices than competitors, with GasBuddy reporting an average savings of nearly 20 cents per gallon for Costco members.

While gas prices can fluctuate, Costco’s commitment to providing competitive fuel prices can result in substantial savings for members, especially those who regularly commute or drive long distances.

Rental Car Discounts

For those who occasionally need a rental car, Costco members can take advantage of member-exclusive discounts and coupons with major rental companies, including Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. Additionally, in most cases, renting through Costco waives the additional driver fee, which can save members $10 to $15 per day.

These discounts not only make renting a car more affordable but also provide added convenience, as members can easily book their rental through Costco Travel.

Car Repair and Maintenance

While routine maintenance is essential for keeping a vehicle in top condition, the costs associated with repairs and servicing can quickly add up. Fortunately, Costco members can take advantage of a 15% discount on parts, labor, and accessories at the 3,000+ dealerships partnered with Costco’s Auto Program.

However, it’s important to note that this discount is capped at $500 per use and excludes services such as oil changes and tire or airbag replacements. Nevertheless, for more extensive repairs or maintenance, Costco’s discount can provide significant savings for members.

Batteries and Automotive Fluids

Costco offers its members competitive pricing on automotive batteries and fluids, making it a convenient one-stop shop for essential car maintenance supplies. Costco-branded batteries come with a 36-month warranty, ensuring quality and longevity.

Additionally, Costco members can take advantage of bulk discounts on motor oil, fuel system cleaners, and lubricants, making it easier to stock up on these essential items at a lower cost.

H2: 8. Wiper Blades and Accessories

Costco’s automotive offerings extend beyond the essentials, providing members with discounted pricing on various car accessories. From wiper blades to floor mats and sunshades, Costco offers a range of products to enhance the comfort and convenience of your vehicle.

Throughout the year, Costco also runs promotions and sales on select automotive accessories, allowing members to save even more on these added conveniences.

Car Seats and Child Safety

For families with young children, Costco occasionally offers deals on popular car seat models and booster seats, providing potential savings of $100 or more compared to other retailers. While the selection may vary, Costco’s commitment to offering quality products at competitive prices extends to this essential safety category.


Owning a car can be a significant financial commitment, but Costco members have a distinct advantage in mitigating these costs. From the initial vehicle purchase to routine maintenance, fuel, insurance, and accessories, Costco offers a comprehensive range of money-saving opportunities for car owners.

Taking advantage of these offerings, members can not only save money but also enjoy added convenience and peace of mind. Whether you’re in the market for a new car, need to replace your tires, or simply want to stock up on automotive fluids, it’s worth exploring Costco’s automotive offerings and comparing prices to maximize the value of your membership.

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