Top 10 High Paying Countries For Nurses

Nursing practitioners, also known as nurses, play a huge role in healthcare by providing patient care, preventing illnesses, and treating health conditions. Beyond caregiving, their roles encompass patient advocacy, care planning, education, and research. This article seeks to explore the top 10 highest-paying countries for nurses, based on a careful analysis of average nurse salaries across various nations.

 High Paying Countries For Nurses

Top 10 High-Paying Countries For Nurses


With a well-structured healthcare system and a demand for specialized and geriatric care, Luxembourg offers nurses a rewarding career. The country’s high living standards and competitive salaries create a lucrative professional environment. Nurses contribute to the high standard of healthcare and enjoy a prosperous career. The annual nurse salary in Luxembourg is €89,250, with entry-level positions starting at €40,250.


Switzerland ranks as the highest-paying country for nurses due to its exceptional remuneration, favorable work environment, and staff morale. With an average of 18 nurses per 1,000 inhabitants, Switzerland leads in healthcare. The average nurse salary in Switzerland is CHF 82,401, with entry-level positions at CHF 64,575.


Denmark offers a high reward system for medical professionals and emphasizes work-life balance. Its competitive salaries and strong healthcare system attract nursing practitioners seeking career advancement. Registered Nurses in Denmark earn around 398,300 DKK per year.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a sought-after destination for internationally recognized nursing professionals. With gratifying experiences, flexible schedules, and attractive compensation, nurses find a promising career in the UAE. A Registered Nurse’s average annual pay is AED 261,811.


Nursing is a respected profession in Australia, with close to 300,000 nurses providing essential care. Nursing is expected to remain in high demand due to technological evolution. In Australia, an average registered nurse receives a  salary of up to $79,550.

United States of America

Nursing professionals are highly sought after in the USA due to their pivotal role in healthcare. The remuneration and living standards attract nurses to the country. The average registered nurse salary in the USA is $75,387.


In the Netherlands, Registered Nurses earn an average of €66,591 per year, contributing to the robust healthcare system.


Canada’s robust healthcare system demands nurses, making it a prime location for those seeking a nursing career. Nurses in Canada earn up to $72,729 on average.


In Norway, a Registered Nurse earns an average of NOK 749,176 per year. The country provides a supportive environment for healthcare professionals.


Nurses in Germany enjoy favorable working conditions and salaries comparable to other countries. An entry-level Registered Nurse in Germany earns around 63,859 euros annually.


Nursing is a rewarding profession with opportunities worldwide. The top 10 highest-paying countries for nurses offer competitive salaries, excellent working conditions, and opportunities for career advancement. Nurses play an integral role in delivering quality healthcare, contributing to the well-being of societies across the globe.

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