Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022 – Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

If you are curious about the Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022, you should read this. There are about three of these conferences that are coming up in June 2022 and this article would give you every detail you need to know about them. As a healthcare professional, you want to miss any of them. If you look forward to healthcare leadership conferences, this article is for you.

Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022


Healthcare Leadership Conference 2022

As a member of the healthcare and medical professions, it is very important you attend summits and conferences like this. Here, you would be able to share your ideas, experience, and expertise with other colleagues. Events like these are organized to bring unity amongst peers in the industry. Innovations are introduced in a bid to take the industry to a new and better level.

Top Healthcare Conferences 2022

If you are looking forward to the next healthcare conference. This article has got you covered. This applies to those in the nursing and medical fields are other health-related fields. Some of the upcoming healthcare summits include:

Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference

This annual conference is also known as the MGMA conference and the theme for the 2022 edition is tagged “The Pathways Conference”.

This conference is organized by The Medical Group Management Association (MAGMA). The advantage of this event is that it is going to take place online from the 7th of June 2022 to the 8th of June 2022.

Registration for this Healthcare Leadership Conference is currently ongoing and the registration fee differs for National members, Non-members, and student members.

The digital experience would be fully recorded and it would be made available for participants. To register for this wonderful event, you should click on this link Here, you can pick the category you want to apply for and proceed to finish the registration process.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

The Global Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit is one event you wouldn’t want to miss. This event was held annually but came to a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. However, it would be held on the 8th of June in Boston. This event promises to be fun as topics such as Innovation in the Medicaid, modernizing clinical trials, etc. would be discussed in this topic.

This summit is open to healthcare partners and there would be a lot of expert speakers at this conference. You can register as a group for your organization or as an individual. To learn more about this wonderful conference, you should visit the DHIS official web page with this link.

AHIP Conference

This conference is held by America’s Health Insurance Plans Institute & Expo (AHIP). This organization is a health insurance provider and this conference is organized to bring healthcare professionals together. In this event, news ideas would be brought up on how to improve health insurance policies, the operations of insurance providers, and other public programs related to health care.

This program would take place from the 21st of June 2022 to the 23rd of June 2022 in Las Vegas Nevada. To learn more about this conference and also register, click on this link.

On this page, you can register and also book a hotel reservation. These are the upcoming health leadership programs you wouldn’t want to miss. You should note that in all of the conferences mentioned above, strict COVID-19 rules would be observed. With this, you can mark your calendar and get ready for these wonderful events.


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