HBO Max Prices – How Does the HBO Max Price Compare to Netflix

No matter what the dimensions of your screen, HBO Max Prices delivers blockbuster film and television thrills. Joining HBO Max this month is Jack Snyder’s Justice League and also the epic Godzilla vs Kong, alongside HBO acclaimed TV series.

HBO Max Prices

Titles from Warner Brothers’ 100-year film library, record-breaking DC Entertainment releases, and binge-worthy fan favorites just like the big bang Theory and Friends. There are over 10,000 hours of top content here. So, for the film and television aficionado, an HBO Max deal costing $14.99 a month is money well spent.

HBO Max Price

Yes, compared to Hulu or Disney Plus it’s a comparatively steep fee. But there’s enough quality and quantity to justify the HBO Max cost. Ground-breaking series just like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and Euphoria sit alongside many classic movies and Golden Globe-nominated Max Original content.

On top of all that, Warner Brothers theatrical releases are being made simultaneously available on HBO Max throughout 2021 at no extra charge, with Mortal Kombat next out the gate in April. Plus, it’s top-notch content from dozens of other studios, including Sony Pictures, new line Cinema, and Studio Ghibli.

If you’re already an HBO or HBO Now subscriber, then HBO Max might be yours absolutely FREE. There’s more information below, and our break-down of how HBO Max prices square up against VOD rivals like Netflix and Apple TV Plus.

HBO Max price and plans: your quick guide

HBO Max features a single subscription plan costing $14.99 per month, which you’ll be able to cancel at any time. This provides unmitigated access to every nine of its entertainment hubs – HBO, DC, Classics Curated by TCM, Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, Sesame Workshop, Crunchyroll, Adult Swim, and Looney Tunes. On top of exclusive Max Originals. Plus, immediate access to WB’s 2021 films day and date with their theatrical release.

You can stream to 3 devices simultaneously, create five individual profiles on one account, and download films and television shows to a mobile device to watch on the go. Devices compatible with HBO Max include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, HBO Max on Apple TV, Google Chromecast, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and iPad, Android, and iPhones. Plus, you’ll now get HBO Max on Roku, HBO Max on fire Stick, and Contour TV devices.

How does the HBO Max prices compare to Netflix?

HBO Max keeps things straightforward with its single-tier $14.99 plan, which allows you to stream its film and television library in HD on up to 3 devices. Netflix, meanwhile the daddy of online streaming has three separate plans.

At $8.99, its Basic option is significantly lower than the HBO Max cost but only offers one stream in SD quality. The basic plan, costing nearly the HBO Max price at $13.99, provides two streams one lesser than HBO Max. While Premium, the most-expensive tier at $17.99, is expensive but perfect for big households with complete four streams.

Each makes compromises between quality and quantity. HBO Max features a slimmer library of titles compared to Netflix: around 10,000 hours of content to its 36,000. Yet if you’re a lover of HBO’s critically acclaimed, culturally-significant shows, or a more discriminating film fan, then the HBO Max price will feel worthy. Who wants to spend their evening deciding between dozens of identical titles.

How does the HBO Max price compare to Amazon Prime Video?

To be honest, Amazon Prime Video quite blows HBO max out of the water. As a part of an Amazon Prime subscription, it’s cheaper at $12.99 per month. Full of perks like free delivery and free music streaming and features a whopping library of about 13,000 films and television series.

You will get around 25% off by purchasing a $119 annual subscription, plus it provides both HD and chooses titles that can be streamed in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Yet HBO Max holds a great advantage with prized content exclusive to the service. All 10 seasons of 90s sitcom Friends, South Park, and also the big bang Theory are just a few of the insanely popular shows here, alongside Studio Ghibli’s acclaimed animations.

It’s the major place to stream every immaculate HBO show. Including newer hits you’ll watch Lovecraft Country and Max Originals. Want to watch The flight attendant and DC’s Doom Patrol? They’re right there for you to binge.

Even more exciting, all-new Warner Brothers films during 2021 are going to be available on HBO Max day-and-date with their theatrical release. Meaning you are going to watch blockbusters just like the Matrix 4 in 4K HDR and with Dolby Atmos sound before most people. And in itself is well worth the $14.99 HBO Max price.


If you’re searching for a comprehensive cable replacement and are even vaguely curious about live sports. You’re probably best served through an IPTV service, just like the aforementioned Hulu + Live TV. Do, however, expect to pay quadruple the HBO Max price.

Sling TV is most affordable, with plans starting from $35-$50 a month. Their highest-tier offering taps out at 53 channels, but you’ll purchase Extras for an extra fee. YouTube TV is near twice the worth of Sling at $64.99 but compensates by offering over 85 channels and providing an exceptional Unlimited Cloud DVR storage that allows you to fast-forward through the ads.

Yet, surpassing even YouTube in terms of choice is FuboTV. The $64.99 entry-level Starter Plan gifts members a whopping 110+ channels, and, if you would like more, you can always upgrade to Elite.

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