Happy New Month Prayers for your Cousin In April 2023

Looking for some good samples of Happy new month prayers for your cousin? You are reading the right article.

Happy New Month Prayers for Your Cousin in April 2023
Happy New Month Prayers for Your Cousin in April 2023

Right here, we have compiled lots of happy new month messages, quotes, and prayers you can send to your cousin;

Happy New Month Prayers For Your Cousin

Here are some happy new month prayers for your cousin in April 2023;

  1. May this new month bring you joy, success, love, and good health? You are an amazing person in my life who is always available to me when I need you. May all of your wishes come true. It is an honour to have you in my life.
  2. Peace be with you this month, my cousin, as the year brings great change and possibly difficult times. May you be guided by serenity and surrounded by happiness. May you have faith that everything will work out in its own time and in its own way. May you pray with assurance and let go of your worries. May you be at peace knowing that a new page in this book of life is being written.
  3. Dear God, today is the first day of the month of April, and I’d like to pray for my cousin. I wish him true love and happiness. Allow this new month to bring a smile to his face on a daily basis. Keep him safe from harm, and don’t let him lose hope or faith in You or Your plan for his life. Demonstrate to him how unique he is and that You have a plan for him. Assist him in seeing the good in everyone, but especially in himself.
  4. I’m sending you warm wishes and positive thoughts for a happy and healthy new month. I pray for a gentle breeze to carry your worries away, allowing you to sleep soundly. Amen.
  5. It’s a lovely new month. It’s a brand-new day. Untold blessings are promised. Untapped potential abounds. May it bring you good fortune.
  6. Accept the new month’s greetings. Happy new month! May you have beautiful days ahead of you. Make the most of every minute of this month. Take advantage of every opportunity. Live your days with vigour. Have a wonderful month.
  7. May the Lord’s healing touch be felt on every broken piece of your life. May you be given beauty in exchange for your ashes. Happy new month, and may your days be filled with testimonies.
  8. May the angels of the lord surround you and keep you from falling. They will carry you all through the month and your days will be filled with joy. I wish you a happy new month.
  9. I’ve seen how patiently you deal with your problems. Nobody deserves it more than you. May this new month bring you success. May you shine brightly.
  10. A wise head, a discerning heart, legs marked with purpose, and success all around. I wish you all of these things and more. Have a wonderful month ahead of you.

More New Month Wishes For Your Cousin

Here are some more happy new month wishes you can send to your cousin;

  1. I wish you a month full of new opportunities and good news! Happy New Month!
  2. Happy New Month! May each day bring you joy!
  3. I hope this month brings you and your family joy. Happy new month!
  4. I wish you all that you wish yourself this month. Happy new month cuz.
  5. Beautiful month and a bright day. The promises of blessings are yet untold. Riches with untapped potential will yield prosperity to you.
  6. May the good lord who sees the end from the beginning make every single crooked way straight for you. may he grant you the courage to shoulder your responsibilities.
  7. You will find good success in all you do. Happiness and joy will locate you in all that you do this new month.
  8. You will shine like the sun and be as precious as the diamonds. No matter what happens, you will always be at the top. I wish you a month filled with greatness.
  9. I want you to maintain that beautiful smile from today, which is from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. Do not let this smile ever leave your face because it makes the world around you glow.
  10. You will have everything that you desire in this new month. You will never have any reasons to lack. The heavens will deliver your heavenly blessings to you.
  11. Yesterday is gone and it’s another day. A day to rejoice and reflect because, with this day, we move into a brand-new month. Happy new month dear.
  12. My dear cousin, this month, I wish for more wisdom, health, and grace from the highest God.
  13. May the good lord surprise you with a heavy load of blessings this new month. May he reward you for everything that you have done for me? The earth will never be unfair negatively to you. Amen.
  14. You will never lack this new month. Everything that you put your hands in shall give you surplus returns. You shall have all that you desire.
  15. I am wishing you a sweet month with many blessings, smiles, and wishes for every success in the new month. I pray that all your dreams will come true because you deserve them.


With all these wishes and prayers, you will put in the heart of your cousin the fact that you always have him/her at heart and you care a lot about his/her welfare.



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