Grow Your Business Online With Google

In this time of uncertainty platforms such as Google has come up with various ways to help small businesses strive. If you have a business that you would love to see survive a time like this, then I really think that you consider reading and studying this piece, grow your business online with Google’. In this article I will be telling you of the various ways with which you can easily grow your business online with the help of the Google platform. Personally I think that this article is a must-read for everyone who loves to see their businesses strive no matter what.

Grow Your Business Online With Google

Grow Your Business Online With Google

Do you want to grow your business online with Google? Everyone entered into the New Year 2020, having various plans in mind. Nobody thought about coronavirus or its effect on the global economy. Well there might be those persons who might have thought about it, but they never really gave it a thought or how extensive it may become. It even got to a point where everyone was just thinking about how they could survive and giving to thought about making money or none of this other stuff. In general staying alive became our main priority.

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Many companies and enterprises all over the world have shut down their offices and in the process of laying off some staff. The few staff left are being made to work from home. One can, therefore, say that the businesses affected the most are small businesses. But do you know that with all these in place, a huge opportunity presents itself? I know that you may be wondering how possible this is.

Everyone is now going online since a huge chunk of the world’s population is now confined to their homes and is also advised to practice social distancing. This, therefore, means that any business that migrates online will have the chance of staying alive when all this is over and this is what this article is all about, how you can grow your business online with Google.

Grow With Google

What does it mean to grow with Google? Google has specially set up a platform or program rather targeted at small businesses. This program will help small business owners learn how to better manage their businesses remotely from anywhere they are making use of selected digital tools. These digital tools will help them easily and efficiently connect with customers. With these tools in place, they will not just connect with their customers, but they will also work more, effectively, and efficiently. To visit the ‘grow with Google’ platform, click here.

On this platform, you will be provided with various tips and tools that will help you manage our business you will be educated on how to keep your customers updated with some critical business information online. You also will be taught how to hold virtual meetings and events with your colleagues and clients.

This platform also offers relief funds to small businesses worth $125 million. Since the fate of small businesses during this period is uncertain, this fund will help small businesses in their short term recovery and long term financing needs. This fund will be dispersed via the opportunity finance network.

With the ‘grow with Google’ platform. You will be provided with step by step tutorials in 10 or less than ten minutes. You will also get assistance in getting your business listed on Google and in building your website. This platform also helps you with helpful recommendations in making your website faster on mobile devices. In general, you will get all the necessary materials you need to successfully work from home, and do your business online.

Cost Of Grow With Google Program

This platform offers a wide range of tools and resources to help your business grow. With this platform you will get access to programs that will help you grow your skills, careers, and businesses at no cost. This program is free. But if you want to be a partner of the platform, you will be made to pay a reduced fee of $49 monthly. Some of the free tools offered by this platform include;

  • Google for small businesses.
  • Market finder.
  • Google analytics.
  • Google my business.
  • Primer.
  • Applied digital skills.

These are the resources and tools you get to enjoy for free with this platform.

Google My Business

What is Google my business and how is it connected with this article? Well you may not see the connection now, but I promise that at the end of this article you will see the connection you have not been seeing. Google my business is a Google business tool. This tool helps businesses and organizations all over the world with the necessary tools needed to manage their online presence across Google platforms. The tools offered by this Google product are free and easy to use. If you have made use of this product before, then you should understand what I mean. With this product users and customers can easily find you online.

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Benefits Of Google My Business

Besides being free, there are other benefits to making use of this tool. One of the benefits of making use of this tool is that it helps you manage your information. You will have the ability to manage the information that users find when they search for your business. You can also verify your information with Google using this tool. With this people are more likely to find your business and your business will also be considered reputable by users and visitors.

This tool also offers interactive tools with customers. This means that you can make contact with your customers. And you can also track customer interactions with your business and so much more. and lastly you can understand and expand your presence online. There is a Google my business mobile app and this app is free to download. You can download this app to your android or iOS device successfully and for free. To download this app, go to your device’s apps store, search for it, and tap on the install or get tab to get it successfully.

How To Use Google To Grow Your Business

Growing your business online with Google is easy and anyone can get this done with a considerable amount of ease. The required steps in using Google to grow your business are;

  • Find the right tools, your business needs such as tutorials that will help you manage your business remotely.
  • Go online by getting listed on Google and also building your website.
  • Collaborate with your team online so as to manage your business effectively.
  • Build your skills and learn how to work from home and also do business online.

The steps above are just a summary of the required steps to growing your business with Google. To begin with the steps go to Grow with Google on your device.

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