Grameen America Economic Relief and Recovery Fund

Speaking of Grameen America Economic Relief and Recovery Fund, Grameen America is a nonprofit microfinance organization that is based out of the USA in New York to be precise. And if we can all record the Grameen America microfinance organization is for the sole purpose of serving low-income entrepreneur women.

Grameen America Economic Relief and Recovery Fund

That is why today we take a look at the granny America economic relief and recovery fund. This phone is simply for all female entrepreneur which is eligible and can simply apply. Today we are going to consider everything that you need in order for you to successfully apply for this economic Relief Fund provided by Grameen America.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, low-income communities are all being affected by the financial crisis. This is why Grameen America has announced that they are raising 75 million to provide economic relief.

Grameen America Economic Relief and Recovery Fund

Grameen America was founded by the Nobel peace prize winner recipient Mohammed Yunus. The company is a nonprofit microfinance organization that is dedicated to helping women who live in poverty-stricken communities to build small businesses. They help women build small businesses to create a better life For themselves. For this to happen this organization offers women microloans training and other kinds of support to fight poverty in the United States.

One of the ways in which Grameen America is doing this is by providing the economic relief and recovery fund for these women. Women who have been operating small businesses before the Coronavirus pandemic and are simply devastated by it can apply for his fund. The 72 million dollars raised by the Grameen America economic relief and recovery fund is to provide capital and support to low-income women entrepreneurs.

The relied fund is going to come in the form of loan capital, training, and Support for all low-income women entrepreneurs in the United States of America. To start up or restart Their small business after the pandemic. It is to play a vital role in the recovery of Grameen America member businesses with all the necessary capital and funding and support needed.

Grameen America

All I have been saying about the Grameen America relief and recovery fund is that it is simply to help entrepreneur women rebuild after the covenant in a pandemic. The phone is to provide essential capital to members of this organization to start up your small business again. That being said there are certain pictures and things you should know about this fund. And I have listed them below for you to see:

Grameen America Zero Interest Rate

The organization has decided to eliminate the interest rate on all their Lowe’s given to their members to a 0% interest rate. This is after the covid in pandemic so as to enable women entrepreneurs to easily rebuild and re-establish their businesses without any financial constraint.

Loan extensions up to six months

Members of the organization that are having difficulty repaying their loans should not worry because loans can be extended for up to six months. They can choose to extend their loans and reduced their weekly repayments by half to gradually pay in their own time.

Zero digital$ repayment cost

All the costs to the heater repayment vendors to support save virtual operations will all be covered by the gram in America organization. Meaning there will be zero digital repayment cost to members.

Grameen America Economic Relief Fund Eligibility

All women who are entrepreneurs and are living in a rural area and are trying to survive after the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic can apply or are eligible. However, if you are not a member of it Grameen America organization you are automatically not eligible for the loans and assistance. Because the economic Relief Fund is only available to members of the organization.

Grameen America Contact

To contact this organization you can simply do that via their email address which is [email protected] or Todd Fogarty/ Lissa Perlman/ Kathleen Deveny/ Gemma Corsikeket CNC.



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