GoPro is Reportedly Cutting the Price on Its Crop of Hero Black Action Cameras

GoPro is reportedly cutting the price on its crop of Hero Black action cameras. The newly announced prices are good news for everyone that’s interested, but it is however not good news for its loyal subscribers.

GoPro Hero Black Action Cameras

GoPro Hero Black Action Cameras

It is true that everyone loves a good deal, and right now, GoPro has delivered good news with major price drops on many of its current action cameras and this is inclusive of the GoPro Hero 11 Black, Hero9 Black, and Hero10 Black. The prices for the GoPro Max, as well as the 360-degree action camera from the company, remain the same.

The savings of around $100 / £100 / AU$150, as seen in the table shared by the company in regards to the new prices, are great news for just about anyone that is looking to pick up one of the best action cameras, but there’s however a sting in the tail for subscribers of GoPro as the new prices are for everyone, and the additional savings are not being rolled out for those with a GoPro subscription plan.

While these new prices are the best that we have seen for non-subscribers to the platform, there was a better deal on the other hand to be had for subscribers in the most recent GoPro Black Friday deals, but however when there was an additional 15% saving. That will put the Hero9 Black and the Hero11 Black Mini subscriber price at $262.48 / £262.48, the Hero10 Black at $304.98 / £304.98, and the Hero 11 Black at $347.48 / £347.48.

GoPro Plans on Growing Its List of Subscribers

GoPro also is doing its utmost best in growing its pool of over two million subscribers, simply by cutting the cost of subscription for new subscribers in two from $50 / £50 to $25 / £25. It’s however for just the first year, and after which the price will go back to the full amount.

Other subscription perks and benefits of GoPro remain unchanged, and this is including unlimited cloud storage, auto highlight reels to your phone, as well as guaranteed damaged camera replacement.

GoPro’s Plan for Existing Subscribers

You should however know that savings of $100 / $100 / AU$150 on future GoPro cameras will still very much be available for existing subscribers after an initial annual subscription renewal, so those who get to upgrade their kit in a regular manner are still well served by a subscription plan.

Summary of the Whole New Development

If you are however still confused about everything, here is a recap or more like a summarization. GoPro is now doing away with the $100 / £100 / AU$150 saving that is atop of its current crop of Hero Black cameras for those persons that are taking a subscription at the time of acquisition, and then applying those very price drops for anyone who is not yet sold on the subscription plan of GoPro as very little much in regards to anything else has changed.



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