Google Wi-Fi: Google Wi-Fi Router Price and Availability

The introduction of Google Wi-Fi is leading us into the mesh router revolution. It is true other mesh routers have been introduced before this one. But Google Wi-Fi ranks among the best among many out there.

This router is considered among the best as it packs amazing features than others. It is packaged in a minimalist, modern, and slim design.

There are other features it packs, as well as been offered for a reasonable price. Read more on this article to learn more about Google Wi-Fi.

Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi

In all said above, installing Google Wi-Fi is easy and simple. With the aid of your mobile phone, you can connect to the router and set your network.

This router has been compared to other mesh routers makes it clear that it offers a better price and value. It is a great option for anyone considering performance or price.

Google Wi-Fi Mesh

Google does not only have an edge in pricing. But also, sleek designed Wi-Fi units and easy setup of any offerings. Each of the Google Wi-Fi units, a simple, little cylinder, and a white LED band in its middle offering the same capability.

With the above explanation, the Wi-Fi unit can act as the core router of the Google Wi-Fi Mesh. While others can extend each wired signal, which is sent to the unit wirelessly. All units (three units) are powered through a USB-C port.

Google Wi-Fi Router Price and Availability

With all features it packs, the Google Wi-Fi Router does not come at a much expensive price. The Google Wi-Fi Router costs $259/£204/AU$399 for a three-unit set. It comprised of one main Wi-Fi point and two secondary Wi-Fi points.

The single Google Wi-Fi Unit costs just $99/£129/AU$199 for uses working with small apartment space. If you are in the United Kingdom, then you will also have the option of Google Wi-Fi in both 2-pack and 3-pack. And both costs £229 and £329.

Google Wi-Fi 3 Pack

Users in Australia will be delighted that the Google Wi-Fi Router is now available for order. They can get the single unit for AU$199 or the 3-pack for AU$499.

The router provides more units for less price than other rivals. So, this router will be a wise choice if you really want an easy and simple router setup.

Google Wi-Fi for Home Setup

Setting up the router is easy to undergo, using an iOS or Android app to operate the whole process. This process will bring us to our next subheading which is the Google Wi-Fi App.

Google Wi-Fi App

The router will let you configure your network by scanning the QR codes on the Wi-Fi point connected to your modem or gateway.

Then the app will request you to rename your new network and set a password. Now you will have to pair the supplementary points you have by scanning their QR codes.

After this, you will be able to name each node from the Google Wifi App. This app provides more useful settings just like continuous monitoring of your network, and points and devices connected.

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