Google Pixel Tablet Could Offer a Key iPad Feature

Google Pixel Tablet Could Offer a Key iPad Feature. To the surprise of everyone, google recently teased a new Pixel tablet – one of which we probably would not be seeing until next year. But one of the most exciting possible features was not teased.

Google Pixel Tablet Could Offer a Key iPad Feature

Google Pixel Tablet Could Offer a Key iPad Feature

That feature is a Stylus, which is something there is now significant evidence that we might see added to the slate. Why? Because as spotted by tech blog NuGiz – a Google tablet codenamed Tangor has been certified by the universal Stylus Initiative (USI).

Of course, it seems possible that Tangor is a different device to the pixel tablet, but given that we are only aware of one tablet being worked on by Google, that’s unlikely, and this certification all but confirms an upcoming Google slate would offer support for the stylus.

This still leaves out Some questions though, which include whether a Stylus would be included with the tablet or whether you would have to purchase one separately, and whether stylus support would be a major focus for Google or just a handy extra.

Pixel Tablet USI Support

USI support means that the pixel Tablet should be made compatible with any USI – certified stylus, and those styli would also work alongside any other USI-certified device. You actually could make use of one stylus for a lot of devices or at the very least may not have to purchase a new stylus when you purchase a new tablet.

However, this actually might also mean that Google places less effort into developing a stylus specifically suited to the pixel table – if the company develops one at all. It potentially could rely on existing USI Styli and on the inevitable third-party options that actually could arrive alongside the pixel tablet’s launch.

Pixel Tablet More Like iPad

Stylus support is one major feature that has been featured on a lot of iPads, yet it’s not something that a large number of Android tablets current offer, outside of Samsung’s Popular Galaxy Tab range, So this actually could turn out to be one huge selling point of the Pixel tablet.

The USI support simply means the styli for the Pixel Tablet Might turn out to be more affordably priced and it would be compatible with a much wider range of devices than the Apple Pencil.

This is a promising development because from what we saw with the pixel tablet previously it was not clear how it would actually stand out, aside from packing a Google-developed Tensor chipset. So the Stylus support could actually aid it in competing.


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