Google PhotoScan – How to Scan Photos | How to use Google scanner App to Digitize Photos

Google PhotoScan is an application that enables users to scan, save and digitize their old printed photos using their phone camera. The app also has automatic edge correct features which center on adjusting photos, to clear reflections and glare, so as to improve your scan, and finally, smart rotation ability.

Google PhotoScan

Google PhotoScan

PhotoScan by Google photos is not difficult to use, so all you need is to use your phone camera to capture the photo. Therefore, place the picture you want to scan on a flat surface, then with your device camera, you now capture the pic.

Before you do this ensure you have a good lightning. Google PhotoScanworks by taking images from diverse areas and then putting them together with free glare, to form a complete picture.

This app helps in perfect displaying of the pictures by aligning the edges and orientation. So whenever it captures too much surface where your photo is placed, you can affect changes by adjusting it.

How to use Google scanner App to Digitize Photos

It has become an old fashion, to have physical photo album, due to digitizing of photos. So for people who still have lots of them packed at home, for it not to get spoiled, there is an easy way to digitize your photos, known asPhotoScan, which was discovered by google

  • Download and install Google photoscan App on your device from your app store
  • When you completes the installation, a short video plays, showing how to scan photos
  • Click on the “Start scanning” tab
  • Permit PhotoScan to take and record video, access photos, media and files on your phone, so Pres “Allow” button to permit
  • After you’ve allowed the permissions, your device will be ready to scan by opening the scan screen
  • So, begin to scan your pictures

How to Scan Photos

Tips of scanning include ensuring you place your picture on a flat distinguishable background to make a good photo frame. To get a quality photo scan, use a well-lighted area, so you can turn on your camera flash.

  • Place the pic you want to scan on flat surface
  • Focus your device camera above the photo, then tap the “capture button”
  • Rotate your phone to get the circle over the four white dots, when it meets two dots, keep holding it until the white dots changes to blue
  • Continue with the above process to turn the remaining dots to blue
  • Still on it,  as soon as the scan completes a green circle with a checkmark shows on the screen.

How To Adjust A Scanned Photo

To turn your picture sideways while capturing, click on the “Rotate” tab.  You can now turn it the way you want it to appear, whether vertically or horizontally.

When the photo scanner is larger than the image,  it captures more surface, thereby making the photo look smaller.

To Fix this, click on Adjust Conners tab, then tap and move the white corner dots to the position you want.  When you are Through with the positioning, click on done  button

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